Indians Allegedly Painted The Pakistani Flag On A Road And Pakistanis Are Trolling Them For Getting It Wrong

By Maliha Khan | 17 Feb, 2019

With the recent attack in Pulwama, there has been a lot of heat being thrown at Pakistanis from Indians. It was taken TOO far when some Indians painted the Pakistani flag on a sarak in what a Twitter user claimed was Gujrat.

There isn’t much explanation behind this and not much information besides interpretation as to why some thought it would be okay to do this. The flag of a country is typically the first representation of the nation and its people. A flag stands as a symbol for that respective country and it is waved in times like achievement, courage, pride, and lowered in times of sadness and grief.


This behavior was uncalled for and disrespectful, no matter the circumstances.

Painting another country’s flag and allowing for people and cars to go over the flag is a sign of disrespect. If you have an issue with a country or the people from that country, express your concerns and have a discussion rather than toying with a country’s identity.

To make matters worse (or better – whichever way you are taking this action), the flag wasn’t even painted the right way. 

Let me compare the right flag to the flag that was painted on the road. On the right is the Pakistani flag and on the left is what was painted.

Source: Twitter/@IMHitesh23 &

Can you see how the curve of the moon is away from the white, vertical strip in the picture of the flag that was painted versus how the original flag contains the curve of the moon towards the white, vertical strip. Also, the fact that the white area of the flag is larger in size than that of the original flag has people disturbed.

While these details had Pakistanis outraged as well , a lot of them actually made fun of the entire incident altogether.

For instance, the fact that the mirror image of the flag had been painted 

Oh wow, maybe the person/people that painted this were looking at a mirror image of the flag, but regardless it was wrong to allow people and cars to cross over the Pakistani flag in this manner.

The trolling didn’t just stop there, though. People kept pointing out how that wasn’t really Pakistan’s flag.

Another tweeted out a picture of Shahid Afridi posing next to the Indian flag.

The person that tweeted this was trying to express the emotional attachment people can have to the flag of their country and to have mutual respect for each other and each other’s flags.

Revenge is not always the best idea. However, Pakistanis started retaliating with images of the Indian flag being disrespected.

Disrespect is disrespect. And both countries need to lay off it.

There were a lot of war “jokes” as well when in reality war is nothing to joke about

Let’s not make these war comments like they are a joke because it’s like sending an open invitation. The lives of people are not to be taken lightly.

Instead of spreading hate any further, we really need to focus on how we can ALL be more tolerant and peaceful, yaar. Anyway, what do you think about this? Let us know in the comments.


Pakistanis Are Applauding This Indian Politician For Saying Pakistan Shouldn’t Be Blamed For The Pulwama Incident


Cover image via Twitter/@IMHitesh23

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