Pakistanis Are Applauding This Indian Politician For Saying Pakistan Shouldn't Be Blamed For The Pulwama Incident

By Biya Haq | 15 Feb, 2019

Since 1947, Kashmir has been an extremely delicate topic for both Pakistanis and Indians. The entire region has been the foreground for violence between the two nations, both trying to gain independence from the other. Because of the animosity, multiple attacks take place every day on the innocent lives that currently live there.


The Pulwama suicide attack that happened  in Indian-occupied Kashmir yesterday took more than 40 Indian soldiers’ lives and naturally they decided to blame Pakistan for the incident


However, the former Chief Minister of Indian-occupied Kashmir, Farooq Abdullah, in an interview with an Indian journalist explicitly said that “Pakistan is not to be blamed.”

Source: Chaudharytariq7 Via Twitter

The attack, that took place in Pulwama, Kashmir killing 40 people, was called the ‘worst attack in Kashmir in 30 years.” However, the interaction between Abdullah and the journalist was a significant moment. Though Farooq was not defending Pakistan and vigorously denied allegations of him ‘backing Pakistan,’ he did state that this attack was not to be blamed on Pakistan.

It started by the journalist asking Farooq Pakistan’s role in the attack, quite obviously putting the blame on our nation’s forces. Farooq, in turn, questioned the journalist if she had even spoken to the people in the actual area, saying that this attack was by the hands of locals in the area. Because of this, the journalist immediately starting asking Farooq if he was on Pakistan’s side. This obviously must have hit a nerve, because, at this point, Farooq got up from the interview and left.


Though his intention may have not been to defend Pakistan, he still stated that Pakistan was not the source of blame, which was a big deal.

And people all over Twitter seem to agree.

Time and again some people have pointed out that it’s not just one country’s responsibility to resolve the Kashmir conflict but patriotic rage on both sides is senseless. Countless lives will continue to be lost as long as the governments don’t realize that this matter can only be resolved through dialogue, like Mr. Abdullah said.


Have you seen the interview? Here is the clip

Though this is hardly a peace treaty, at least it is a step forward in any kind of negotiation with regards to peace in Kashmir for both Indians and Pakistans.

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