This Well-Known School In Islamabad Just Sent An Extremely Fucked Up Response To A Concerned Parent Asking About Fee Discounts

By Biya Haq | 15 Feb, 2019

That is not how a school should function.

The CEO of Headstart in Islamabad wrote a disgustingly rude response to the parent of a student, asking about discounted school fees.

The parent, a Government Officer, was previously paying the Headstart school fees with a 20% discount, applicable to Government Officials. In the email, the parent explained that in previous fee bills, the 20% discount was applied and he was able to pay for both of his children’s education at the school.

He spoke to the fact that due to the fact that most Government officers belong to the lower-middle class social economic class, paying fees with a discount was very beneficial for people like him. He noticed that the current month did not avail the set discount appointed by the Supreme Court and simply requested the school to continue the initial cost.

However, what should have been a regulatory response to a concerned parent turned into a disgusting response sent by the school’s CEO.

Source: @BABUCRATE Via Twitter

Naznin Murtaza, the CEO of the school system, responded to the parent in the most offensive way.

Source: @BABUCRATE Via Twitter

Not only was the response uncalled for, but it was also horribly rude and condescending.

The letter was threatening, condescending and rather than explaining a reason for why the discount had not been applied, Murtaza had no problem laying out the way she felt about the discount and the way that it was possibly affecting the school and its internal budget.

We have reached out to the school for any comment on the situation and have yet to hear a response.

However, the language is quite clear in the email and regardless of the context, the way the CEO is speaking to a concerned parent is absolutely unacceptable.

The image itself caught the attention of people on Twitter and their reactions suggest that clearly, this behaviour is not okay for a school and everyone knows it.

In December, the Supreme Court had ruled that every private school in the country was to apply 20% discounts in expenses, due to increasing school fees.

Source: Samaa TV

This move was to help the families of children who could not afford education as easily. However, for individuals running schools, this could have also led to a decrease in quality in education in their eyes, and a decrease in the quality of the school and its image in the public.

While it is understandable that government-appointed budget cuts can be stressful to the institutions they are applied in, it is absolutely not okay for any person of said institution to interact with a parent aka the client, in this way.

Have you seen the image floating around on Twitter? What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below.

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