This 5-Year Old Cleaning A Lake In Kashmir Is Melting Hearts From Both Sides Of The Border

By Ather Ahmed | 26 Jan, 2018

This kid from Kashmir cares more about the world around her than many adults.


Kids, for the most part, try to follow their parents in every way possible. For them, their parents are the ultimate benchmark for perfection. If imparted with the right values kids can actually play a great role in making a positive change in society. If a kid sees their parent doing a positive action, he or she will emulate it and it is the most beautiful thing you’ll ever come across. This kid from Kashmir will make you think about the wonderful values her parents imparted her with.


This photograph of a 5 year old helping her father clean the famous Dal Lake in Srinagar, is making rounds on social media

The girl is named Jannat and much like it, she’s doing her part in making heaven on Earth.


People from both sides of the border were completely smitten by the 5-year old good deed of the day

Some also praised the photographer Basit Zagar


Basit, the photographer who captured the wonderful action, has taken it upon himself to capture the beauty of Kashmir that is otherwise known as a war-torn region

Sirinagar is part of the disputed part of Kashmir that has been the point of great tension between India and Pakistan ever since the partition of 1947. For a long time, the area was the main focus of Kashmir uprising against Indian military rule.

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