16 Times You Wanted To Go Shopping But Realized You Were Too Broke

By MangoBaaz Studio | 11 Sep, 2017

We’ve all been in the position at some point or another where we really really really want to shop. Whether it’s because we’re bored, we want something new or for some good ole’ fashioned retail therapy.

Many of us have also been in the position where we can’t shop because we are really really broke. Say bye to those new shoes , that new watch and those headphones you have been eyeing. *Tear falls down face*

Here are just a few of the times we have all wanted to spend our monies, but have not been able to (sadness).

1. When all of your friends want to go shopping but you know there’s no money in your account to go shopping with

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Paisay, why you hide?

2. When you have absolutely nothing to wear so you have to sneak your siblings clothes out of their closets

Via: Deenga.com

3. When the last time you got new sunglasses was on your 7th birthday

Source: BabyCenter

They were cute though.

4. When your laptop breaks and you actually have to pay attention in class

Source: Media.Tenor


5. When you want to offer to pay for dinner but you know takaluf is a luxury you can’t afford

Source: deenga.com

‘Ohh, are you suuureeee?”

6. When the newest FIFA comes out and you have to pay your friends to play it since you can’t afford your own

Via Deenga

7. When your favourite heels break and you have to walk around like a duck since you can’t afford new ones

So chic.

8. When you have to choose between buying books for school and buying that new speaker

Source: deenga.com

Sad life.

9. When you have to choose between buying food and that new belt

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Sadder life.

10. When you have to choose between literally everything actually necessary – and anything new at this point

Va: deenga.com

Saddest life.

11. When you look at the cheapest item on the menu but then you remember tax and tip bhee deyni hai

Source: deenga.com

12. Going online shopping and having to take out everything from your cart because you realize you literally have no money to spend

Source: Pinimg.com

13. Going to the store, seeing something you like and immediately putting it back after seeing the price

Source: deenga.com

RIP to all the ’empty baskets’ we’ve all been forced to do.

14. You constantly stalk that new iPhone, waiting for it to go on discount

Anytime now…

15. Looking out for sales is your greatest skill in life

Source: deenga

16. Picturing yourself with all of the things you want and then dramatically crying knowing very well keh PAISAY NAHI HAI

Source: DanishAli/Youtube

So there you have it friends, some of the shortest scary stories of all time. We feel your pain of being completely obsessed with shopping all while being completely broke. Love you.

Have you ever been in any of these situations? Have you ever been to broke to shop? Doesn’t it break your heart? Isn’t that what counts? Let us know in the comments below!

Pssssst, guess what friends, we don’t have to deal with feeling broke anymore!

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This post has been sponsored by Daraz. 

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