Rabi Pirzada Just Opened Up For The First Time Since Her Videos Leaked

By Maryam Khalid | 15 Nov, 2019

Rabi Pirzada videos have been a huge discussion ever since they leaked

There has already been a lot of discussion around singer Rabi Pirzada and her videos. She has been all over Pakistani media since her private pictures and videos were leaked online.


The controversy after Rabi Pirzada videos were leaked spread after people began posting their own nudes to support her

For some reason that was supposed to helpful, I guess?

Source: masala.com


After all the drama over her videos and calling her morality into question and whatnot, Rabi Pirzada announced that she is leaving showbiz

There were also rumors that she was considering also considering taking her own life but she rubbished that with her announcement.


Now for the first time, Rabi Pirzada addressed the controversy in an honest video

In the video message that she posted, she starts with the recitation of Quranic verses. She states that in the days following the incident, she was silently looking for answers and found out that suffering is either a trial or punishment. If one keeps on sinning after this, then it is a punishment. But if one repents, then it will be a trial.

While talking about the controversy she said the videos were a matter only between her and Allah. She states that she is answerable only to Allah and He knows what is inside your hearts.

Source: Rabi Pirzada / YouTube


She shared that her viral videos earned her a lot of offers from the entertainment industry

The industry offered her jobs, films, concerts, TV programs, and whatnot. Guess no publicity is bad publicity, right?

Rabi claimed that a lot of women also offered to protest on her behalf with slogans like #MeToo and #MeraJismMeriMarzi. But Rabi stated that her body belongs to Allah and that she has disobeyed Him in her private space.

Source: Rabi Pirzada / YouTube

Rabi taunted who she referred to as “so-called Muslim” men who circulated her videos along with bashing her.

She dismissed all the conspiracy theories around the reasons for her leaks. She addressed those who called the leaks a publicity stunt or said that this happened to her due to speaking against Modi and Imran Khan. Fake rumors about her suicide were also propagated. That’s when she realized how society has a norm to drag females into constant sinning.


Breaking into tears multiple times, Rabi Pirzada blamed every one of the heinous crime

She said that it could have been easy for her to start a new life. If it wasn’t for her circumstances, she would have sought asylum away from all these hypocrites.

In her words, ”I can run away from all of you, but I cannot run away from Allah.”

Source: Rabi Pirzada / YouTube

She stated that FIA Cybercrime Wing are digging individuals involved in the invasion of her privacy. They have already arrested two criminals, shared Rabi.

With a cracking voice, Rabi announced she intends to dedicate the rest of her life to Allah and His teachings. She said that her melodies would only be for Hamd o Sana and Sufiyana Kalam. From now one, the purpose of her life would be the betterment of her afterlife.


Rabi said that she would set an example for all who are “astray”

A lot of people belonging to the entertainment industry, Rabi claimed, went ”full-Muslim”, but had a relapse and returned to showbiz. But she said her transformation may guide those who seek.

Source: Rabi Pirzada / YouTube

She ended her statement with by everyone to pray for her and Kashmir. This is followed by the recitation of more Quranic verses.


You can watch the entire statement by Rabi Pirzada on her videos here:

Many people quote how society consists of sinners judging each other for sinning differently. It takes a lot of courage to face the world, especially when you have been shamed and ridiculed to the point of breaking and Rabi has to be appreciated for her strength.

She did not need to apologize for her private stuff leaked, neither she had to justify her decisions. But still, Rabi Pirzada chose a very different path, because apparently we have no place in our society for a woman who expresses her sexuality, especially in her private space. If you still consider this attention-seeking, then you are the part of the problem.


People Are Coming Up With Conspiracy Theories After Videos Of Rabi Pirzada Leaked

Rumors About Rabi Pirzada Allegedly Trying To End Her Life Have Begun Circulating


Cover image via Rabi Pirzada/ Youtube

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