This Pakistani Brand's Campaign Featuring Plus-Sized Models Is A Beautiful Initiative

By Kashaf | 2 Mar, 2018

Plus-size fashion has been on the rise in the Western fashion world – something Pakistanis should definitely be jumping on.

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If you’re a plus-sized woman in Pakistan, it can be extremely difficult to find clothes that compliment your body type.

Pakistani brand ‘Generation’ is known for their unique and noteworthy fashion campaigns.  Recently, the brand just demonstrated just how much they care about the perception of their attitude towards plus-sized clothing.

The prints that the beautiful models are wearing are stunning and are the perfect colors for the upcoming summer season. The best part of the new campaign featuring models wearing plus-sized clothing is that although many brands offer plus-sized clothing, the designs and patterns are usually not very attractive. Generation’s new line offers gorgeous patterns and prints available in sizes for everyone.

No other big Pakistani brand has openly advertised their plus-sized clothing on social media or on any campaign.


This initiative is teaching everyone that body image, body love, and self-care begin with adoring your body’s current state while actively pursuing health and wellness goals.

No matter what size you are, you can wear beautiful clothes.

source: Generation/Facebook

This isn’t the first time ‘Generation’ has included plus-sized models in their fashion campaigns.

The brand has done a fantastic job being inclusive and recognizing all segments of society.


People had nothing but positive things to say about the campaign

source: Generation/Facebook

They even gave suggestions

source: Generation/Facebook

And agreed that this is great step to promote body positivity

source: Generation/Facebook


But most of all they were appreciative

source: Generation/Facebook
source: Generation/Facebook

This is a really great initiative by Generations, but we still have so, so far to go.


What did you think about the campaign? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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cover image source: Generation/ Facebook

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