This Badass Pakistani Dulhan Challenged Society's Beauty Standards Perfectly At Her Shaadi Just, WOW

By Sajeer Shaikh | 26 Jan, 2019

Meet Tehreem Pasha Jaffar.

Source: The Powder Room Studio

Tehreem got married recently and she looked absolutely PHENOMENAL.

Source: The Powder Room Studio

Now, some of you may be thinking – hey, it’s just a shaadi. Konsi bari baat hai? Par bari baat hai. See, Tehreem happens to be a tad bit on the chubbier side. While that has nothing to do with how fantastic she looks, it’s a MAJOR win against society’s backward mindset that states that standard Pakistani dulhan has to look a certain way.

Therefore, we got in touch with Tehreem, who had more to say about the same:

“Stereotypes are so ingrained in our thinking. We look at someone, and we immediately pass a judgment on their appearance, gender, ethnicity, age or profession. And, in Pakistan, when you see a chubby girl or a girl on the slightly heavier side the next comment you make is “itni moti ho , tumse kaun shadi karega?

“The standard for the perfect Pakistani dulhan for shadi is a parhi likhi, kam umar wali, gori, khoobsoorat larki. There’s a very regressive demand for what a typical bahu should be like. I, being on the chubbier side and being plus sized, heard all of these things over the years.”

Source: The Powder Room Studio

However, Tehreem gives zero fucks about what society has to say. 

“My strength and my power is my education and the confidence to know what’s right and what’s wrong. The size of your waist doesn’t matter, but the confidence to be happy in your own skin does.”

Source: The Powder Room Studio

Tehreem even explained how the entire rishta process went down for her:

“When I got a proposal, my in-laws focused more on my education and less on my weight. They’re all happy and excited that they’ve chosen an educated girl for their son. After I got engaged the only comment I used to hear was “shaadi honay wali hai, wazan kum karlo.” I do agree that excess weight isn’t healthy, but only focusing on weight isn’t right either. A person should be confident in his or her own skin.”

“So, I got married, weighing 85 kg and rocked my bridal jora with a confident smile. Trust me, I didn’t look any lesser than a perfect slim bride.”

And she’s right. She made a drop-dead gorgeous dulhan. 

Source: The Powder Room Studio

Tehreem loves the skin she’s in, and we can all learn a thing or two from her.

While being healthy is extremely important, we can’t berate people for not looking a certain way. Here’s hoping Tehreem’s story is an inspiration for all those struggling to love themselves the way they are. For now, we wish her the best in her married life.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments.


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