This Pakistani Brand's Very Special Bride Will Make You Realize How Love Is For All Ages

By Kashaf | 13 Dec, 2017

Whether you love them or hate them, shaadis in Pakistan are absolutely everywhere.

On television, while shopping, in movies, songs, and even while scrolling through Instagram. Wedding campaigns in Pakistan almost always feature a young bride getting married. However, this campaign by Generation has broken stereotypes and featured an older bride.

Generation’s recently launched their new campaign called “Shahnaz ki Shaadi” and it’s the cutest thing you’ll see all day.

Shahnaz ki shaadi is a campaign breaking stereotypes of Pakistani wedding, featuring a middle-aged woman’s wedding ceremony.

Shahnaz rocks salt and pepper hair and looks stunning in her colorful apparel and oh, she looks AMAZING.

source: @generation_pk / Instagram

This sentimental picture from the Rukshati portrays Shahnaz wiping away her tears as she drives away with her groom.

source: @generation_pk


The Rasm-e-Henna ceremony shows the bride and groom’s family celebrating the wedding.

source: @generation_pk / Instagram

Shahnaz and the groom are surrounded by their children who look tremendously happy for them.

Women of all ages are celebrating the joyous occasion with lights surrounding them, flowers in their hair, and mehndi on their hands to celebrate the wedding.

source: @generation_pk / Instagram

Unlike most older couples in Pakistan who keep their weddings simple with just a nikkah, Shahnaz and her groom made sure to complete every shaadi ritual, from the doodh pilayi to the mehndi ceremony – making it a magical affair.

source: @generation_pk/ Instagram

Shahnaz and her daughter getting ready for the nikkah ceremony

source: @generation_pk/ Instagram

The model, Naveed Anjum, has a Ph.D. in Psychology and has been teaching for over 20 years


People have been confused if this was her actual wedding or if this was just a campaign, to which Generation did confirm that it was just for the shoot.

source: @generation_pk/ Instagram
source: @generation_pk/ Instagram

However, that did not keep people from praising the campaign and realizing what an amazing idea this was.

source: @generation_pk/ Instagram


What do you think of this creative campaign?


cover image source: @generation_pk/ Instagram

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