People Are Dragging Bilawal Zardari For His Tone Deaf ”Thoughts And Prayers” On Karachi Rains

By Maryam Khalid | 27 Aug, 2020

Bilawal shared his thoughts on the Karachi rains and that backfired real quick

Rains are proving absolutely disastrous for the city of Karachi. The entire city has faced tremendous flooding and power outages since the monsoon season started. Karachi had yet another rainy day today, and the city was again yelping for help.


The situation in Karachi with the rain is so terrible that many areas are completely under water


So much so that the sinking of Karachi due to negligence and climate change showing their results during this rainfall have been the biggest topics on social media

Every citizen was having a major meltdown on social media and was demanding the authorities to take necessary actions

Via: Twitter


Bilawal Zardari also shared his “thoughts and prayers” over the Karachi situation

He started by stating the fact that almost every resident of Karachi has already witnessed. He asked everyone to pray for the people working in this ”unprecedented” natural disaster. Hasn’t it been a week already?


Seeing this rather tone deaf response, people are naturally angry because it is Bilawal’s party that has been one of the ruling parties of the city for a very long time


Clearly, many have had enough of such empty promises and statements from politicians


People are blaming Bilawal and PPP for the hellhole that Karachi is now


They are reminding him that no part of the Karachi Rains was ”unprecedented” and that Met authorities had bee warning of heavy rainfall this season

From ”zayada Barish hoti hai, tou zayada pani ata hai” to sweeping a major disaster under the rug, politicians across the board, including Bilawal, have surely done a lot for Karachiites. The people have already been through a lot with their homes and cars flooded, roofs dripping and water levels literally near their shoulders and lives and livelihoods lost. All we can hope is that the authorities take the situation seriously and take the necessary measures.

Team MangoBaaz sends our prayers to all the people suffering. May we never have to see such a wreck again and may we be prepared for this climate change to get worse.


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