Massive Rainfall In Karachi Has Wrecked The City And People Are Infuriated With The Authorities

By Sana Yasmeen | 25 Aug, 2020

Karachi rain has wreaked havoc on the city

As much as the people of Karachi enjoy the rain, the aftermath of these rainy days is miserable and ‘disastrous’ for Pakistan’s economic capital. Despite being a blessing, rain brings quite a bit of trouble for people.


This time around it’s been the second straight day that Karachi is drenched with rain

While many initially enjoyed the rainy weather it soon took a turn for the worse, with many neighborhoods of the city drowning in urban flooding. With up to 71 millimeters of rain lashing some areas, roads and infrastructure have come to a virtual standstill.


As the situation of Karachi rain worsened, many areas of the city have experienced severe flooding

Roads have been flooded and the situation has just gone from bad to worse. There are reports of thousands of vehicles being damaged due to flooding, homes of people have drowned and up to 90 people have lost their lives, according to reports.


The rain has caused massive destruction including  a terrible landslide in Gulistan-e-Johar neighborhood

A landslide near Gulistan-e-Johar’s Munawwar Chowrangi has damaged cars and motorbikes whereas no injuries or loss of life has been reported yet. Rescue efforts are also slow due to flooding, continuous raining and general incompetence of authorities.


Due to the massive Karachi rain, even hospitals are flooded

This Ladies and Gentlemen, is the prestigious Agha Khan Hospital.


Seeing possibly the worst monsoon spell, with far reaching damage, the people of Karachi are furious

Despite the Met Office giving warnings earlier this year of severe monsoon than usual and having seen similar situation in years past, the consistent inability of authorities to actively take efforts to prevent sustained damage to the city due to aggressive climate change is extremely infuriating, to say the least.


People are blaming the PPP and MQM government for ‘destroying’ the city, after this ongoing spell of Karachi rain

Naturally, at a time of this extreme distress it’s easier to find someone to blame than collectively demand action from all political leadership. Moreover, the years of obvious negligence by PPP and MQM toward the city have led them to become easy targets of the wrath of the public.


People are desperately clinging to prayers and are requesting everyone to pray for Sindh

With apparent urban flooding in many neighborhoods of Karachi, people are relying on the prayers of everybody.


It is, indeed, a traumatizing situation for all the people present in Karachi, Sindh, and those who are witnessing this situation unfold in front of them. Sadly, the political blame game at a time of national emergency continues to divert the nation’s attention away from the actual need of the hour – action against climate change.

Team MangoBaaz is sending all the prayers and hopes for the people of Karachi, since that’s all we can do without the authorities actually taking the situation seriously.



Cover image via @Asimkh_1 via Twitter/ @kirannaz_KN via Twitter

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