Jazz And Esra Bilgiç, In Their Latest Campaign, Are The Perfect Number One Pairing For Pakistan

By MangoBaaz Studio | 25 Aug, 2020

Jazz and Esra Bilgiç are the number one pairing we’re obsessing over

Jazz has long been the leading mobile network in Pakistan. With its large infrastructure, wide accessibility, the biggest subscriber base, superior data network and the country’s love behind it, there’s really no competition for Jazz, honestly. These aren’t just empty claims, just by the way. According to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Jazz has till their latest report, been leading Pakistani mobile networks with the largest subscriber base in the country.


Given its widely beloved status Jazz is, without a doubt, the number one mobile network in Pakistan and they celebrated being the number on in Pakistan by bringing another number one obsession for Pakistanis to the Jazz family, Turkish actress Esra Bilgiç

While 2020 has been pretty disappointing for the most part, there was one highlight during the entire year that every Pakistani can agree to; Ertugrul! The phenomenal Turkish drama made it’s way into the heart of every Pakistani and the actress who portrayed Haleema’s character immediately won everyone’s heart. For a moment though, she had everyone wondering what she meant when she said this:

Everyone in Pakistan went in overdrive, speculating what she really meant. While some people thought she may be getting hitched with a Pakistani, others had theories of their own.


Soon enough, Jazz and Esra Bilgiç made this cryptic announcement and people understood there was a special partnership coming


Well, the ad is now out and thus it is not a secret anymore about what Jazz and Esra Bilgiç have got secretly brewing

The visuals of the ad are striking. It starts with Esra’s dramatic beauty being show as she strolls on a rooftop, and then cuts too some breathtaking videos while the narration in the background talks about those who are already achieving their dreams and those who are well on their way in doing so.


In the ad, Jazz highlights what differentiates the best from the good, this is kind of like the exact difference between Jazz and, well, other networks in Pakistan

Whether it’s adventure-enthusiasts, daredevils or content creators Jazz highlights them all. In the context of Pakistan and all the creatives and achievers who want to connect with the world, and their dreams the difference between those who are already achieving their passions and those who are still on their way is just one; Jazz Super 4G!

In an age where we all stay connected 24/7, it is important for us to have a good internet connection in order to do it seamlessly and that is exactly what Jazz Super 4G provides; a seamless and fast internet connectivity experience.

Esra’s endorsement of Pakistan’s fastest 4G internet is just another jewel in Jazz’s crown where they signed on a Turkish actress who is now a household name in our country.


Earlier, Esra had wished Pakistanis on azaadi and her tribute through her clothing choices became an instant obsession among Pakistani fashion influencers

Many influencers paid their own tribute to Esra by recreating her look in their own unique ways.

We know that Esra has made her way into the hearts of millions of Pakistanis. Hence, she is someone who has become the number one for Pakistanis around the world, and beyond. Her partnership with Jazz makes perfect sense because Jazz is the number one network in Pakistan.


Cover Image Source: Jazz Pakistan

This post has been sponsored by Jazz Pakistan

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