Bakhtawar Zardari Was Just Trolled For Noticing A Bunch Of Tiles And Not The Poverty In Sindh

By Nai Dulhan | 3 Nov, 2018

Bakhtawar Zardari just got trolled for liking tiles, poor thing


Things in Pakistan have been pretty bad lately. But you know what makes our day? When a fellow burger, but one who belongs to a political family comes along and makes a comment about something important, jiskay peechay log haath dho ke purh jatay hain. LOLZ!

Amidest the chaos that has been going on in Pakistan, former member of the Senate, Mr. Murtaza Wahab tweeted about the quality treatment that is being provided to children in the The Children’s Ward of Government Hospital, Korangi.


Okay, cool bro.

A few minutes later, Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari decided to pimp the post by retweeting it with the comment, “I love the tiles”.


Aur phir agay kya hua, yeh toh app samajh gaye he hon gai.

People started roasting her for the one and only thing – them tiles – that she loves.


These guys took her comment a little too seriously. Lulz.


This guy knows a burger kid when he sees one


This guy isn’t even sorry to burst Bakhtawar’s bubble


Oh and of course, a bunch of comments on her father’s corruption allegations were also made… Naturally… 


These guys took this as an opportunity to ask for moneyz


And this gentleman just could not resist fat-shaming her

Dude, hate them for their policies but please don’t shame someone’s body – or things they don’t have a control over.

Waisay, what do ya’ll think about the *tiles*. Let us know in the comments below.


So, Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari Is Not Happy About Mehwish Hayat Playing Benazir In A New Movie



Pakistanis Are Trolling Bakhtawar Zardari For Claiming That Sindh Has 50 Functional Dams


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