Pakistanis Are Having A Meethi Vs Namkeen Lassi Fight And It's Getting Nasty

By Sana Yasmeen | 3 May, 2020

It’s not a rare occasion to see Pakistanis fighting over the varying types of food. Case in point: biryani with or without aaloo, chicken or beef nihari, or well…this time it is meethi vs namkeen lassi and the Twitter awam is going crazy.

Lassi, with its roots within the subcontinent, is obsessed over by a large number of people

Who doesn’t love lassi, right? The possibilities are endless, whether it be infused with particular flavors, fruits, or even spices. Lassi always brings joy.

However, lassi, along with happiness, is bringing about a phadda among the people of Pakistan

Twitter users of Pakistan have been divided in two after the debate about meethi vs namkeen lassi ensued.

People were quick to show support for their lassi preferences!

This person straight up targetted the taste buds of Team Meethi Lassi

Namkeen lassi was even compared to raitaย 

Team Namkeen Lassi couldn’t handle this

People also tried ‘canceling’ namkeen lassi by declaring that meethi lassi is the only real lassi

However, Team Namkeen Lassi was way too serious about getting their facts right to support their team

Some users tried blaming namkeen lassi for their saltiness

Some users hailed Team Namkeen Lassi as untrustworthy

Basically, shiz got real

Memes were made

The fight reached a point where friend groups began breaking apart

However, some people thought it was all senseless, unless there was a specific reason behind it


What do you all think about this hilarious fight over lassi? Let us know in the comments below.



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cover image via @mehngifeminist via Twitter/ via Instagram

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