Osman Khalid Butt's “Super Sperm” Comment Has Started A Hilarious Discussion Around Male Fertility

By Sannia Bilal | 12 Jan, 2019

We all know that actor Osman Khalid Butt is one of the most vocal celebrities in Pakistan. He has a commendable sense of awareness and is very conscious when it comes to talking about what matters. He tends to raise his voice for anything he believes and doesn’t shy away from speaking his mind.

Source: Express Tribune

For instance, he talked about a notice released by PEMRA last year where they asked TV channels to be more vigilant while creating TV content considering the fact that kids also accompany their parents while watching the dramas that are aired.

Obi has also remained pretty vocal about the MeToo movement.

I mean, he’s even received an award for ‘Agent Of Social Change’ at the Masala Awards.

Source: Runway Pakistan


So yeah, lets get back to the point. A few days ago, Obi satirically tweeted about how Pakistani males depicted in dramas somehow have ‘super sperm’ that manages to get 100% results every time.

And, I mean, dude’s got a point


Usually a tweet like that sets social media ablaze. But what really intrigued me, was the fact that his tweet garnered such interesting replies ke obviously, I HAD to compile em’.

This guy said that sometimes men can even impregnate a woman by giving them a “bad boy stare”.



Then this person highlighted that its all about “good Swimmers”.


Even the “magic of the wand” came up!


Gosh! I cant even….

Via Tumblr


Turns out, there were others like me who laughed hard for a long time.


And they agreed that Obi had hit the nail on the head.


And, well…. “fertility goals”


This guy reaffirmed Pakistanis actually do have “super sperm”.

Good to know.

Someone highlighted how, at least, Pakistani men don’t take a decade to deliver the baby like the infamous Star Plus serials.

Someone was wondering which actor is Obi pointing at, and this person had the perfect reply.


It was like a show where everyone has an answer for everything.


And well.. the “Baaghi” actor was applauded for being opinionated. 

But then, people also talked about how other things like divorce and suicide are being promoted by Pakistani dramas and it is just not cool anymore.


They discussed how TV Channels need to re-evaluate their dramas before airing them.

And then this debate went a little further.


Khair, all I can say is, Obi, you be the man! HILARIOUS point, and valid too. Do y’all have anything to add? Let us know in the comments.

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