Osman Khalid Butt Is Personally Coming After Trolls Who're Making Disgusting Jokes About The #MeToo Movement

By Sannia Bilal | 14 Oct, 2018

We all know how Osman Khalid Butt a.k.a ‘Obi’ is among those celebrities who have a strong understanding of their surroundings. He is often seen standing up for what he believes in.


Osman has never shied away from speaking his mind like when he stood up for Mahira after her “infamous” photos were leaked


Or when he directed his resentment towards the official notice issued by PEMRA to put a ban on specific content aired on television.

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So yeah.

Recently, we noticed how he’s been sufficiently schooling trolls under an Instagram post where he wished Amna Ilyas on her birthday. 

Following his post, some people had rather demeaning speculations about the two.

This guy was somehow counting Maya Ali among Obi’s “achievements.”

Via Instagram


Which Obi had a pretty legit reply to.

Being the boss that he is, Obi replied to the comment saying that any woman is not a trophy for him to label as an achievement. Having said that, just because they’re both busy with their own work, doesn’t mean they’re not friends anymore.

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Further on, this person mentioned that the actor should be careful otherwise, he will be one of the men being accused under the #MeToo movement.

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To which Obi promptly replied that he has a certain way of conducting himself around people and he would never abuse his privilege.

Plus, such an inane comment is pointless in regard to the emotions involved with the movement itself.

Via Instagram


Later on, the ‘Baaghi’ star took to Twitter and said that people should realize the significance of #MeToo and not take it too lightly. 

Immediately, people appreciated him for being vocal about this.

His stance on this matter has contributed to the essential dialogue around the #MeToo movement. 

People agree, and are adding on to what he said. The importance of sex education, for instance, was highlighted…

…as was the importance of starting young and on a grass-roots level.

Debates around the idea of consent have also begun – highlighting how there may be more than one solution to one big problem.

After all, there’s no one right answer.

So yeah, let’s just take a moment to appreciate Osman Khalid Butt. We need more and more men like him, given how the #MeToo movement is yet to take flight in Pakistan.

What do you think about his savage replies? Let us know in the comments.


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