Sajal Aly And Ahad Raza Mir Finally Reunited On-Screen Last Night In A Shocking Episode Of “Aangan”

By Iman Zia | 11 Jan, 2019

Last week’s harrowing episode of ‘Aangan’ left us grieving the loss of Salma (Sonya Hussyn). Subhan (Ahsan Khan) would now have to take care of his child with the help of Salma’s loving brother Mazhar (Omair Rana). In this episode, we’ve time traveled around 15 years or so into the future, where we’re introduced to the highly anticipated characters of Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir.


Malik collapses from an alleged heart attack in the opening scene of ‘Aangan’ and Amma Jaan’s reaction is absolutely breathtaking to watch. Bravo Zaib Rehman, truly.

She doesn’t react to his death in the manner she did with Salma’s, but nonetheless, it’s just as emphatic; we see her walk out her room and fall softly to the floor to declare her husband dead. This is the moment where things took a turn for the worst. The haveli was sold off as a result, with all of Amma Jaan’s sons taking what they pleased. Zafar is one of the vilest sons she has, and while decisions were made amidst the sons of what belonged to who, we finally turned to a new chapter of ‘Aangan.’

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Ahsan Khan is now playing Safdar, Salma and Subhan’s son who is all grown up –  he’s been lovingly taken in by Mazhar in his new home but his wife treats him terribly.

It’s really hard watching Safdar being insulted so cruelly, but Mazhar still unfadingly takes care of his nephew. Ahsan is just astounded at how so naturally oozes into such a different character despite essentially being his own father in the previous episode.

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Ahad Raza Mir enters as Jamil, and his character is nothing like the idealistic Dr. Asfy fans fell in love with. He’s brash, rude and very somber as Azhar’s son.

Jamil slaps a boy as he’s running away, which shocks me as a viewer – we never really understood Jamil’s true nature in the promos, so I never thought he’d be this audacious. Chammi (Sajal) is also introduced at the same time as she accuses him of stealing money. Ahad’s Urdu was impressive, organic and very natural. The two characters barely have any interaction, just a few stolen glances; her instantly reminds me of Sassi from her previous role in ‘O Rungreza,’ but it’s too soon to decipher her entirely.

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Overall I was a bit disappointed by the slowness of the episode – my highlights were Amma Jaan and Safdar. Let’s hope the next episode does better.


Fans couldn’t help feel for Safdar, whose breathtaking innocence was just beautiful to watch




Sahad fans were delighted to see the two together again


And many praised Ahad for his entrance










What did you think of this week’s episode?


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