Bahria University Allegedly Enforced A Sexist Dress Code For Girls And People Are Absolutely Furious

By Rameen Shakil | 12 Jan, 2019

Remember the time Bahria University, Islamabad barred its female students from using the campus cafeterias and confined them to the Dean’s Cafeteria? While female students at Bahria University were confined to one cafeteria, male students had access to 3 different cafeterias on campus. Talk about sexual bias, am I right?

Believe it or not, there’s reportedly a new sexist scandal.

The university allegedly came up with yet another rule, putting restrictions on girls’ clothing. I mean, hadd hai, it’s like there’s no end to the sexism.

I mean, look at how ridiculous this sounds

Girls can ONLY wear a shalwar kameez and a dupatta is “must”. Not just that, notice how they make it sound like a threat? Matlab, 5000 rupees? That’s a little over the top…

Source: Showcase Productions

As a result, students are losing their shit. They’re calling out Bahria for being a bit too uptight

Considering the previously passed rule that girls and boys should always maintain a distance of 6 inches, followed by the cafeteria rule and ab ye, we gotta admit that these rules are kinda concerning.

Some students point out that we should address the real problem by teaching our boys how to behave around girls 

It’s easy to play the blame game and put restrictions on girls. But, for how long will we ignore shitty behavior and blame the victim? We need to start holding boys accountable for their actions by teaching them to be respectful, regardless of what a girl is wearing.

Moreover, people are pointing out how we need to teach boys to “keep their dicks inside their pants” 

Matlab, baat tou sahi hai

Some students are so pissed because they cannot make sense of these sexist rules. They’re starting to question the faculty and whether they’re the reason behind this mess.

Some people think the university’s become a downright joke

Others are 100% done with Bahria

Khair, we tried to check the university’s website to see if this was legit and I mean…the difference is quite evident yaar…

Well, let’s hope this is the last of the unreasonable rules. However, let’s be real. If we really think Bahria University will stop here, we’re mistaken. What else do they have in store for their students? Only time will tell.

Do you think discipline can only be maintained through these rules? Do you agree with Bahria University’s mentality? Let us know in the comments.


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