Number Five From ‘The Umbrella Academy' Looks Like A Young Fawad Khan & I Can't Unsee It

By Sana Yasmeen | 26 Aug, 2020

Number Five from The Umbrella Academy is a ditto copy of Fawad Khan

The Umbrella Academy has proved to be a phenomenal Netflix series showing great wit, a super intriguing plot, and the absolutely lovable characters one wouldn’t mind dying for. Much to the delight of the fans, this ‘Netflix original series’ recently released their second season and it has been quite a hit.


As much as I love all of ‘The Umbrella Academy’, I couldn’t help but be absolutely smitten with ‘Number Five’ in particular

Played by Aidan Gallagher, Number Five has taken over the hearts of an incredibly large population. Charm, action, superpower, and sarcasm: His character has it ALL.


Number Five, or more like Aidan Gallagher, the actor who plays Number Five on ‘The Umbrella Academy’ also looks awfully similar to Fawad Khan

Like, look at this! WTF!

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Thankfully I’m not the only one who thinks that Number Five of ‘The Umbrella Academy’ has a great deal of resemblance to Fawad Khan

Fawad is a whole 22 years older than Aidan but because the two look so alike, quite a few people have been calling the Aidan a young Fawad Khan or a doppelgänger of the Pakistani actor. All Aiden needs is to go through puberty and grow some beard like Fawad and he could play Asher in the Hollywood adaptation of the iconic Pakistani show Humsafar. Lol, imagine!


Apparently, Number Five is now the “mini” Fawad Khan for quite a lot of observant fans of the Netflix hit ‘The Umbrella Academy’


The resemblance is so uncanny that some people have joked that ‘The Umbrella Academy’ literally stars Fawad Khan himself


Others have time travel jokes to make

We’ve all seen what ‘time travel’ does to people in The Umbrella Academy… Who’s to say it’s not the reality of FIVE/FAWAD KHAN?


I’m pretty sure that the love people around me have shown for Number Five on ‘The Umbrella Academy’ has got a lot to do with his resemblance to Fawad Khan tbh

Anyways, I am all up for the conspiracy theory of them being the SAME person but they do look alike. Do you see the resemblance between Five and Fawad Khan, too? Let us know in the comments below.


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