13 Of The Best Desi Restaurants That Serve The Yummiest Nihari In Karachi

By Saad Zubair | 16 Dec, 2017

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Karachiites have had a love affair with Nihari  for years. The spicy broth with either beef or chicken is famously adored with everyone having their favorite accompaniments for nihari. We think the best way to eat it with some garma garam naan. While nihari can be cooked at home, we feel that the best experience is to get it at some of the famous authentic nihari vendors scattered throughout the city.

Here are 11 of the best places to get some of that yummy broth in Karachi.


Javed Nihari

Javed Nihari is located in the Dastagir area of Karachi. While it may be a bit of a commute to venture into that area, its worth it just to get the excellent nihari experience.

Source: Javed Nihari/ Facebook


Sabri Nihari House

Sabri Nihari House at MA Jinnah Road is the quintessential Nihari joint of Karachi. If there’s one place to have Nihari in the city, then you must go to Sabri. For those who don’t feel the need to venture into the area can get the same taste at the Badar Commercial area (Defence Phase 5) where it’s called Sabiri Nihari Restaurant. Having been to the Badar Commercial location, I can attest that the Nihari was excellent. However, purists should make a point to visit the original outlet at MA Jinnah Road.

Source:  Sabiri Nihari Restaurant/ Facebook


Zahid Nihari

Zahid Nihari  is the best place for Nihari on Tariq Road. There’s always been a debate among Karachiites whether it’s better than Javed and Sabri. Regardless, the Nihari is superb and I’ve always enjoyed the extra helpings of just the gravy once I’ve chowed down the beef.

Source: Rahib Diwan



Malik’s is located on Burns Road as well as Alamgir Road/ Bahadurabad. You can enjoy Nihari  at both locations but the Alamgir Road one offers more items on its menu. I’d prefer Burns Road because that street itself is perhaps the most famous food street of Karachi. Once you’re done with the nihari, you can enjoy the other specialties Burns Road has to offer such as the bun kababs.

Source: Nuruddin Abjani


Shaikh Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House

Ghaffar Kabab House is the perfect desi  food joint of the city. The original Tariq Road location is my favorite and what does it not have! You can get yummy kababs, tikkas, and of course one of the best nihari the city has to offer.

Source: Tehseen Zahra Naqvi/ Facebook


Waheed Hotel Burns Road

Burns Road is home to another nihari joint on our list. Waheed Hotel is famous for lot of things but the Nihari  is one of its specialties. It’s up to you to decide if it’s better than Malik’s or not when you plan to head out to Burns Road.

Source: Sabir Shah/ Facebook


Nihari Inn

Boat Basin, like Burns Road, is one of Karachi’s famous food strips. Located in Clifton, the strip is flooded with some of the best desi food joints of the city. Nihari Inn is a great place to enjoy Nihari  but also offers barbecue dishes too. Best way to enjoy the meals are in the open air in pleasant weather that we have these days.

Source: Nihari Inn, Boat Basin, Clifton/ Facebook


Indus Foods

Indus Foods, in Defence’s famouse Khadda Market, is famous for several dishes including the Karachi-favorite Biryani. Other than that, the Nihari here is as excellent as its biryani. Do give it a try and see if it matches up with heavyweights like Zahid!

Source: Indus Foods/ Facebook


Daily Dubai

Daily Dubai is a favorite spot for desi cuisine in the Badar Commercial Area of Defence. There, you can order a whole variety of dishes but one of the best is most certainly the nihari.

Source: Daily Dubai Restaurant/ Facebook


Tandoori Hut

Tandoori Hut is another Nihari joint on the Boat Basin strip. While it’s famous for barbecue and local cuisine, the Nihari hits the spot!

Source: Misal Khan/ Facebook



Chatkharay may be known more for chaat  and other spicy snacks but it also offers a great serving of Nihari. Situated in Khadda Market, it’s a great place to relax and enjoy beef Nihari and if you’re in the mood..some paani puri.

Source: supermeal.pk


Al-Habib Do Darya

Nothing beats having Nihari by the sea with your bae. You’re looking into each other’s eyes and that may be the perfect time to pop the question. That’s all possible at Al-Habib Do Darya. We’re not responsible for what happens next!

Source: Al-Habib Restaurant Do Darya / Facebook


Delhi Sohail

Delhi Sohail in North Nazimabad is most probably the best Nihari  joint in the area. If you plan on venturing to North Nazimabad, then you must make a stop here for some awesome Nihari.

Source: kfoods.com

While we may have missed out on your favorite Nihari place, we feel that these places are some of the best places to get it in Karachi. Do let us know your recommendations in the comments below.


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