Nida Yasir Called Out Soul Sisters Pakistan Founder Kanwal Ahmed But People Aren't Having It

By Rameeza Ahmad | 9 Jul, 2019

Nida Yasir called out Kanwal Ahmed, Soul Sisters Pakistan’s founder, but people are pissed.

A recent segment by Nida Yasir garnered heavy criticism where she showed her audience all the things she had bought on her trip to Europe. From designers bags to shoes and sunglasses, she talks about the bargains she scored from outlet malls and what-not.

Nida Yasir Showing Her Vacation,s Shopping

Gepostet von Fun Fashion am Donnerstag, 4. Juli 2019

When the clip was shared, people immediately criticized Nida for showing off her wealth and purchasing power in front of guests who might not be able to afford the branded items she was showing them.

Nida did not want to take all the criticism and decided to respond to it on her show. She said that she never responded to all the hate she got but felt this was unwarranted.

She clarified the clip was over a year old and she did not understand why it had become relevant now. She says in her show that people really make mountains out of mole-hills and her intention was never to show off. In fact, she considered her audience her friends and was showing them the bargains she had scored from Europe, as she would to her girlfriends in her own living room.

She took major offense at the fact that some people online had thought it was okay to message her husband Yasir and criticize Nida for being insensitive to his mother’s death and showing off her shopping.

She said since the clip was a year old, it was completely irrelevant to his mother’s death and the only reason people could be doing this would have been to cause issues in her marital life.

She then calls out Facebook groups, in specific, Soul Sisters Pakistan and even names its founder Kanwal Ahmed. She says these groups are filled with women who called her out and harassed her and that she would no longer tolerate this behavior and would report those who abused her online.

She then goes on to criticize Kanwal for exploiting ‘aam log’ by having them reveal their personal stories on camera on her online show, ‘Conversations With Kanwal’. She criticized Kanwal for making people speak about things which should not be made public all for the sake of ratings.

However, people sided with Kanwal and thought Nida Yasir was being petty for coming after Kanwal’s show which she had started on her own since it was doing so well.

It’s quite a mess, really and while it’s heartbreaking to see Nida Yasir painfully defending her perhaps ill-thought-out actions from over a year ago, it also raises the question regarding whether or not it’s fair for her to use her platform to call out Kanwal, who’s doing some brilliant work with her show.

What do you think of Nida Yasir calling Kanwal out? Let us know in the comments below.


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