This New Restaurant In Karachi Is Actually Inside A PIA Plane And We're Flipping Out

By Arslan Athar | 31 May, 2017

Themed restaurants are all the rage these days.


It is simply not sufficient to be having a comfortable area with bearable food. You have to up your game constantly.

Whether it’s with a cheesy overdose on your burger…


Or unlikely wait staff

Source: Dally Pakistan


However, this one restaurant that just opened up in Karachi takes the cake.

Source: Tariq Ghumman//Facebook

Have you ever wondered what happens to old planes? Especially the PIA ones, considering the current state of affairs. Well, I have. It’s a question that keeps me up at night (NOT really, but you get the point). Thankfully we have found the answer.

Walking up to this old PIA plane, it just seems like any other jahaaz. 

Big. White. and parked

Source: Tariq Ghumman//Facebook

The cockpit also looks like how you’d expect it to.

Apart from the fact that you can see some park exterior out here. Where’s the strip?

Source: Tariq Ghumman//Facebook


Except, it’s not.

Aik minute, ke kya hogaya? Suddenly nothing looks like PIA anymore.

Source: Tariq Ghumman//Facebook

What if I told you this was ALL inside of that plane we saw just a while back?

*flips out*

Source: Tariq Ghumman//Facebook

Parked at Airport Security Forces (ASF) in Karachi, this plane has been turned into a modern restaurant. 

Source: Tariq Ghumman//Facebook

The interior is so chic, it’s perfect for a business lunch or a night out with your friends, a birthday dinner for your parents or a date you want to impress.

Not sure what cuisine they will be serving but the quaint little interior itself is a winner.

Source: Tariq Ghumman//Facebook


 This is so nice, better than most airports in this country.

*cough* Islamabad *cough*

Source: Tariq Ghumman//Facebook

It just looks so comfortable. PIA, take notes!

Check out all the fancy shmancy decor, you guys:

Source: Tariq Ghumman//Facebook

How soon can I can book a table?

Source: Tariq Ghumman//Facebook

Could never afford first class, guess this is the nearest I’ll ever get…

Source: Tariq Ghumman//Facebook

Tou phir khana khanay chalein? 


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