Here's What You Need To Know About What The Covfefe Is Happening On Twitter Right Now

By Biya Haq | 31 May, 2017

So the whole world is going insane on Twitter right now and it’s actually quite hilarious.


Since this morning, here’s the top trend on Twitter:

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So what the covfefe is it all about? And who’s behind it?

Short answer: Donald Trump


Through his presidency so far, Donald Trump has been quite a… yaar roza hai, let’s go with a spectacle. Whether it’s his trips to the Middle East or his awkward hand holding (or lack of) with his wife, Melania – saying the President of the United States has provided us with a number of cringe worthy moments is an understatement.


There is nothing, however, that compares to Trump’s amazing sense of tweeting.

The President has, on a number of occasions, taught us the valuable lesson of social media etiquette and the fact that 140 characters or less really can make or (COMPLETELY) break you.


Via: Twitter

The President of US, recently set out to tweet what seems like should have been ‘Despite the constant negative press coverage,’ but instead came out as ‘covfefe.’



Of course, the Internet, being the Internet- was quick (and we mean QUICK), to jump on the President’s spelling mistake.

Via: Twitter


Not that we really care but,

Via: Twitter


Some people were really not entertained

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We have to give it to him though, Trump stands by his stupidity

Via: Twitter


Fusion helping us answer the questions we need to have answered

Via: Twitter


Oh and then there was the rest of the (HILARIOUS) Twitter world

Via: Twitter


Trump has been known to tweet ‘interesting’ things throughout his presidency but this specific tweet has got the world cracking up and really, it has brought up two questions for us:




We hope this gem of a tweet has brought you enough laughter and energy to push you through your roza today, we know it has for us.


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