There's A Robot Server At This Restaurant In Multan, But Wait There’s a Catch

By Iman Zia | 2 Mar, 2017

In a recent TechJuice article, there was news of a robot in Multan at a lil pizza parlor, which had everyone excited including myself. I mean, robots in Pakistani restaurants? Hello future. My mind began wandering to the endless possibilities of how adventurous my boring zindagi would be…

We’d befriend them because they might have some of the feels of a human heart…

Via Imgur

Life as we know it wouldn’t be the same…

Via Giphy

I might be a little dramatic (maybe a lot), but don’t tell me the prospect of having movie-like robots in Pakistan doesn’t just tingle your bones…

Via Best Animations


At first glance, the Multani born robot looked pretty legit say that it even greets customers, takes down orders and serves food.

Via Daily Pakistan

But someone pointed out how it looks a lot like the robot waiters in China :/

Although, these Chinese robots look really mean…

So by the time I got down to watching a video of it, my expectations were really high…

Via Tumblr

But alas…life is full of disappointments. The robot can’t walk…

It literally just rolls back and forth on what appears to be a track or some sort of path.

Forget giving it orders and stuff :/

Or expecting quick service because it’s slower than my nani

At least the robots aren’t eliminating human jobs just yet

If you live in Multan, do go check out the restaurant and let us know how the pizza is. We’re hoping the programming in the robot improves over time and with advances in AI, it’s able to interact with patrons more.

Here’s the full video for you to watch:

P.S. I know I’m being bitter.



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