Nadia Hussain Finally Responded To THAT Lion Wali Picture But People Are Still Calling Her Out

By Masooma Haider | 14 Jan, 2019

A few days ago, Nadia Hussain posted a picture and a few videos with a lion she met with her family, and people criticized her for promoting the chaining of wild animals in a home environment. The lion was at Karachi resident, Hassan Hussain’s place.

Now, Nadia somehow moved past the criticism and posted another video, interviewing the owner on IGTV, asking him about the details of why and how he has kept a lion at home.

Nadia started off her video by showing Simba (the lion) lying around on the floor, and she clarified that he was unchained. She then proceeded to ask the owner, who owns a farm as well, about how he ended up in custody of the lion.

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He explained that at the time of his birth, the lion’s mother was unable to feed him due to some calcium deficiency, due  to which he ended up bringing the baby lion home with him. The lion was very weak in the early days, and Hussain claims that he had his treatment done and gave him proper medication as well.

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Nadia Hussain asked him about the official details of his ownership of the lion, and Hussain told her that he has a permit and license to have the lion at home and at his farm.

He explained that since Simba had been brought up in a home environment since birth, he would get bored and feel lonely at the farm, due to which Hussain often brings him home and leaves him at the farm sometimes. Speaking about the permit, he explained how officials do a proper visit of the place, and then issue a permit to keep a wild animal at home.

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Simba playing football ❤️

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They also addressed the issue of chaining the lion, which had caused people to get angry in the first place.

Hassan Hussain explained that he mostly chains the lion at home when he has kids or visitors over. While she continued to interview him, Simba could be seen lying on the ground or attaching himself to his owner. He would cling around his legs and lick them.

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Trust ❤️

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As promised, Nadia Hussain conveyed an explanation for the situation. However people continued to criticize her and the owner in the comments.

Some were worried about whether it’s safe

Others were torn between worrying for her safety and having her jailed.

No middle ground, y’all.

People straight up called the whole thing out as animal abuse.

People threw major shade at Nadia, basically.

However, some people did try to explain nicely (ish)

Whatever this is, it’s a mess. Bottom line toh wohi hai. Let us know what you think about this in the comments below.

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