Nadia Hussain Posed With A Chained Up Lion And People Are Seriously Pissed Off

By Arslan Athar | 7 Jan, 2019

Nadia Hussain always manages to find herself in the middle of some type of controversy or online comment war, be it with her business or, more recently, with tigers.

The veteran model posted a series of videos and pictures of her family outing that involved a chained up lion. 

Nadia and her family had gone to see the lion and took pictures with the animal in captivity. The model expressed her joy and honor in meeting a real-life sher. 


We’ve all grown up having gone to the zoo at least once, and we’ve all seen a lion and have been in awe, but recently there has been a lot of discussion about animal captivity, thereby bringing into question the practice of chaining up lions and using them as attractions.

Famously, Nawaz Sharif used a RARE white lion for his election campaign back in 2013, and it was later revealed that the animal died in captivity.

Such incidents of pure neglect, either on the part of private owners or zoo management has turned a lot of people away from such activities, and which is probably also why people attacked Nadia Hussain for her photos.



People were calling her out for the photos.

Source: @nadiahussain_khan / Instagram

Source: @nadiahussain_khan / Instagram


Safaris are a better way to see and experience such animals. 

Source: @nadiahussain_khan / Instagram


People were denouncing the culture of putting animals through torture for entertainment.

Source: @nadiahussain_khan / Instagram


One person in particular called Nadia Hussain a hypocrite.

Source: @nadiahussain_khan / Instagram


People were generally angry with these snaps.

Source: @nadiahussain_khan // Instagram


Source: @nadiahussain_khan /Instagram


Some were just happy to see so much awareness among people for such issues. 

Source: @nadiahussain_khan // Instagram


It’s great to see so many people standing up for the rights of animals in captivity. While some comments were a bit rude, some were genuine in their attempt to raise awareness about animal captivity, so here’s hoping more people learn from this.

What do you think about this?


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Cover Photo Courtesy: @nadiahussain_khan // Instagram

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