Pakistanis Are Bashing Nadia Hussain For Calling Out Someone Who Asked For A Discount

By Nai Dulhan | 15 Nov, 2018

Okay guys, model-cum-beautician Nadia Hussain is not new to controversies. She doesn’t think twice about speaking her mind on social media. And well, sometimes she’s on point and other times she does miss the mark but honestly, that’s rare.

Girl just knows her right from wrong (mostly) and isn’t afraid to share her point of view with the world.

All ya’ll know that Nadia runs a salon by the name of Nadia Hussain Bridal Salon and Clinic.

She offers multiple services, ranging from make-up services to some basic nip and tuck procedures such as botox, facial fillers and eyebrow microblading.

Damn, that’s pretty legit.

Since Nadia is pretty active on Instagram, promoting herself and her salon, she naturally gets a ton of people messaging herm asking and commenting on all sorts of things.

Just recently, Nadia called out a lady on her official Instagram account, persistently requesting for a discount on a lip procedure offered by the salon.

Nadia came to Instagram to point out that she is, in fact, running a business and not a charity.

Consequently, it didn’t quite well with people who were scanning her Instagram. They bashed Nadia for this step.

Source: Instagram/@nadiahussain_khan
Source: Instagram/@nadiahussain_khan
Source: Instagram/@nadiahussain_khan

This person just straight up started off with the bad duas.

Source: Instagram/@nadiahussain_khan

Some people called her out for a lack of empathy.

Source: Instagram/@nadiahussain_khan

This person kinda called her a hypocrite. 

Source: Instagram/@nadiahussain_khan

This person who thinks the whole media industry is cheap – even those who are trying to earn a living by running businesses.

Source: Instagram/@nadiahussain_khan

And this person just straight up called out Nadia for not being a certified professional

Source: Instagram/@nadiahussain_khan

However, there were some people who came forward to support Nadia, like this person who called out the person asking for a discount.

Source: Instagram/@nadiahussain_khan

Then, there were people who justified Nadia’s actions by talking about the dynamics of running a business and the consequent ridiculousness of the request

Source: Instagram/@nadiahussain_khan

There were also people who pointed out how certain people could ACTUALLY be helped.

Source: Instagram/@nadiahussain_khan

And there was this person who asked the individual requesting a discount to be happy in her own skin

Source: Instagram/@nadiahussain_khan

But this guy’s hilarious comment won the internet. LOL. 

Source: Instagram/@nadiahussain_khan

Alright guys, we want to know what you think about this whole fiasco. Do you think the request was valid? Let us know in the comments below.


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