Nadia Afgan Just Responded To All The Criticism “Suno Chanda 2” Has Been Receiving

By Iman Zia | 23 May, 2019

‘Suno Chanda’season 2 has come under fire for its repetitive inconsistency and problematic storytelling. However, the comedy on the show has always been spectacular, with actors like Nadia Afgan, Ali Safina, and Sohail Sameer toplining witty dialogue and hilarious exchange.


ShowSharecently highlighted one inconsistency with Jiya’s (Iqra Aziz) hair, where it has been switching back and forth from long to short.

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Nadia Afgan, aka Shahana, responded to the post with an admirable message that demanded rightful respect and love.

The actress asked for forgiveness and said how difficult it was to “get all ten actors together.” She divulged how the entire team were “working day and night” and that “shooting is a very difficult process.”

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Here’s the full message:

“Dearest people!! Please forgive us for our little errors. Since suno chanda comprises of a huge cast. Iy evey difficult to get all ten actors together . Everyone is busy with other shoots. Sunochanda is still being shot. Wr are working day and night. Shooting is a very bery difficult process. We shoot in extreme heat. Would u believe it that we cant even have the fan or ac on so u guys can get clear audio.#sunochanda2shoot started a while back..some scenes are being shot presently some were done when the shoot started. We are trying our best. Aome decisions are taken by the channel. So a mistak here or there .. can be forgiven next episodes you wont see this. So relax and cheer up. Lots of love to u all. ”


We appreciate Nadia’s humble response, and simply wish to see fewer inconsistencies in future episodes of‘Suno Chanda.’


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