Arsal Is Officially The Worst Husband Ever In “Suno Chanda 2”

By Iman Zia | 23 May, 2019

This piece is a critique on Arsal from Suno Chanda – and in no way is it intended to disrespect Farhan Saeed. 

Farhan Saeed is a fabulous actor, and he’s doing a wonderful job with the material he’s been given – it’s a shame that ‘Suno Chanda 2’ has hit a few bumps on the road, with many questioning Arsal’s dominating role as a husband; his behavior recently has come across as incredibly chauvinistic and problematic. It’s interesting to note that during season one, Jiya and Arsal were always fighting long before they got married and I admit maybe I didn’t see it as something that would continue to such a dire state.

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For a long time, Arsal has been the least supportive husband and it’s quite frankly making me very upset.

I always knew he was immature, but his control over Jiya isn’t a declaration of love. Ever since Jiya got her confirmation to study in London, instead of encouraging her and supporting her he’s acting disgustingly. He’s constantly belittling Jiya’s dreams and relishes her misery. THIS IS NOT WHAT A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP SHOULD BE. Why is Jiya constantly shattering all hope for herself and allowing a misogynistic barbarian like Arsal puppeteer her life?




In the latest ‘Suno Chanda’ episode, Jiya falls sick just as she’s about to leave for London and everyone’s speculating she’s pregnant.

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Instead of letting her go, the entire family immediately decide for her that she’s going to stay in Karachi – her father cancels her ticket.

She keeps insisting that fellow family members

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When Jiya begs her father and uncle to let her go, her father actually has the audacity to say that “Arsal is the only one entitled to make decisions for you.”

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Marriage is a partnership, and that’s something Arsal will never understand. Fans of the show have raised valid opinions:


As I said, Farhan Saeed has done a tremendous job given the circumstances, and his portrayal of Arsal does raise valid questions about the mindset and behavior many men in our society house; marriages are meant to allow each partner to grow, and it’s meant to be a team – something Arsal seems to not want to pay heed to.


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