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Mufti Menk Just Roasted Reham Khan On Twitter And Pakistanis Are Here For The Sass

Mufti Menk Just Roasted Reham Khan On Twitter And Pakistanis Are Here For The Sass

Anyone who follows the political scene of Pakistan will be well aware of Reham Khan. Anyone who follows the national gossip scene in Pakistan would still be well aware of Reham Khan. With her infamous remarks and not-so-subtle political views, Reham has recently emerged as the hot topic of Pakistani discussions lately.

She has been sparking massive outrage due to her unpublished book.

Reham Khan managed to anger A LOT of people across Pakistan with her yet-to-be-released literary works. She made allegations against numerous PTI members. And she’s been receiving flak left, right and center.

Source: ShondaLand

She even claimed recently that she doesn’t want to be compared to Jemima.

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And now…well, she shared this:


Via Twitter

The general public was obviously NOT amused. People started making personal comments.

And beard lovers stepped in, too.

“Heartbroken” with 59 others.

She does look kinda handsome?

With that being said, the rightful owner of the photo was utterly confused.Β So Mufti Menk – yes, THE mufti Menk – clapped Back!

LOL, you’ve got to admit, thora toh funny hai.Β  Someone get Reham some ice please.

Via Giphy

And, of course, Twitteratis went crazy.

I don’t know how you define “slow”, but that was EVERYTHING BUT SLOW!


However, people were kind enough to invite him to Pakistan.Β 

Yes, please. Pretty crazy stuff going on here. Let us know what you think about this classic burn.


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