Reham Khan Just Shared How She Feels About Being Compared To Jemima And Pakistanis Have A Lot To Say

By Sajeer Shaikh | 30 Jun, 2018

Reham Khan has been in the news a lot, even if she wasn’t directly in front of a camera. She’s someone who’s currently swimming in a sea of controversies, given that her unpublished book is all that people can talk about.



Now, Reham’s shaking things up once more by speaking up about all the events that have transpired.

In a recent interview, Reham opened up about numerous matters. And um…it’s a LOT.

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She spoke about whether or not she had proof regarding Imran Khan’s involvement in corrupt activities.



Moreover, she addressed Hamza Ali Abbasi’s open declaration of knowledge regarding her book. Talking about the same, here’s what she told ARY news:

“My book has nothing what Hamza Ali Abbasi is writing about, my book is way different than the impression people are getting (from his posts.)”



Reham also went on to address the flak she’s been receiving ever since rumors regarding her book started circulating.

She pointed out how there’s been a lot of name-calling over her choice to reveal information in the form of a book. However, her counterclaim to the argument is that there is no grace in remaining silent.



Here’s where things get a little…rocky. She also said this:

“I am very proud of who I am, I belong to a different family, my marriage and divorce happened in different circumstances, and I don’t want people to compare me with Jemima, I am proud of who I am.”

Now, of course, that’s fine on its own. But she also kinda happened to say this:

“Till today, I have not relied on my father, brother or anyone else, I am not a Jewish heiress, I am self-reliant and proud of it.”

Now, here’s the thing – people LOVE Jemima. And there’s been a debate about pitting the two women against each other. It’s obviously not correct. Being linked to Imran Khan doesn’t take away from their individual personalities. And hey, Reham’s not entirely wrong in pointing out she shouldn’t be compared to Jemima. Matlab, sahi hai.

The whole Jewish heiress thing, though.

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Khair, regardless of how Reham meant it, people aren’t happy about this.

Like, at all.

Matlab, people are pissed.

Kaafi pissed.

People even started asking Jemima to retaliate.

It just didn’t go down well with people. 

At all.



You can watch the entire interview here:


What do you think about this fiasco? Let us know in the comments.


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