This Pakistani Has A Whole Instagram Dedicated To Her Abu's WTF Jinn Encounters & They'll Scare The Shit Out Of You

By Maham Lari | 30 Jun, 2018

We have all heard of jinn, churails, dayans, demons, vampires, and several other paranormal creatures that are supposedly somewhere around us.

Throughout our childhoods, our moms made us brush our teeth, go to bed on time, attend school and behave, just by saying that Nahi kero gay toh bhauu (jinn) aajaye ga. And how obedient we were because obviously, just the thought of those jinns and churails scared the shit out of us. And they still do…At least for me.



Paranormal creatures, especially jinns, are also known to possess human bodies. There are special people who perform an exorcism – a special practice of evicting the demons from a possessed person.

Depending on the spiritual beliefs of the exorcist, this is done in various ways. The demonic entity is either asked to swear an oath or there is an elaborate ritual followed by the exorcist commanding it to depart in the name of a higher power.



The practice is pretty ancient and part of the belief system of different cultures.



Not scared yet? Then get this. An Instagram account by the name of Abu’s Jinns has been giving us real goosebumps.

Source: Pictaram

Abu’s Jinns has been started by Ayesha, a 22-year-old girl who shares paranormal tales.

These stories written by her, are based on her father ‘Adnan Malik’, his sidekick, ‘Jameel Uncle’ and her own paranormal experiences. The stories are a perfect blend of non-fiction and fiction with a hint of creativity.


Her account is as spooky as it gets, from 3 am highlights about the demons she sees and 3 pm ones about the qabristaan she actually lives opposite to.

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part 1- madhuballa Beti, it is important to know that sometimes, the jinns aren't out there, they're in us. Call them churails, demons – Jo bhi. At times, they're a fragment of our cognition and nothing more. I've done many cases where the patient was mentally ill and having had a major in parapsychology, Jameel and I were quick to refer the individual's family to psychologists before they hired an illiterate being to spank their children with a jharoo for hallucinating. But, this isn't a story about a woman with schizophrenia, DID or any psychological disorder for that matter and neither is this story of a woman actually being possessed by a paranormal entity – so what is it, you ask, Ayesha beti? Pass me the kehwa and listen carefully. It was a fine afternoon. Back in 2009, your Jameel uncle and I had just come back from Spirituality College. The flight was long and you know Jameel na, plane rides and him just don't work. This is precisely the reason I get you to travel locally through air too so that you don't turn out to be scared of planes like Jameel, knowing that there are many things out there to actually be frightened of. Khair, coming back to the story, we were having noon tea with Tehzeeb's biscuits in Islamabad. I remember that I was about to unpack when Jameel's mother insisted that we save that for later because his cousin – Javeria has madhuballa ka saya and requires our assistance immediately. Startled, I accompanied Jameel to Javeria's house in pindi. 'Yar,' I asked, puzzled. 'Yeh madhuballa konsi bala hai?' Jameel turned the wheel and shrugged. 'Pata nahin,' he replied. 'Ami kehti hain that koyi madhuballa naam ki cheez ka saya aa gaya hai Javeria per. Ja kar hi pata chale ga.' The curiosity to find out about a new type of jinnni and the happiness of having the aftertaste of Tehzeeb's coffee biscuits in my mouth thrilled me. Pindi, as you know beti, is not my favorite city. It was the city where I lost my parents, my job and realized that if insaan weren't monsters enough, I can see real ones too. So I was traveling to rawalpindi after eighteen years only to find out that yet another hilariously formidable event was awaiting.

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According to Ayesha, her mom’s an alima and her abu has had various eerie experiences throughout his life. Here’s what she shared:

“All my life, I’ve grown up hearing about and seeing real-life churails, jinns, and different creatures. I’ve witnessed religious ruqyas (Islamic exorcisms) by my father who has done Masters in Parapsychology, Spirituality, Demonology and definitely has an eye that can see beneath what we can. Writing these stories is my way of coping with all that I have seen in my childhood. All my stories are inspired by real-life events that happened with my dad and I just describe them in my own words”

And her stories sure are out of this world.

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part 1 – the unmarried aadmi Ayesha, when I was traveling the rural areas of India, I met a rather interesting man. Even the locals knew that I was Adnan, the Muslim Exorcist because it wasn't my first time there. but, that man just stood behind one of those – kya kehte hain unhe – lamp posts Haan, and he examined me from head to toe. When the Muslim community had paid their respect and no one was in sight, he stumbled towards me. He was very handsome, I tell you. Even handsome than your Zulifqar chacha. Great height, uff and figure and all. Beta, but I sensed his tension. He came and told me that he had heard of me and I nodded and smiled. He wasn't a man of small talk so he just told me straightforward hi that he wanted my help. We decided to go in his near by stationed jeep to talk over masala chai, the kind I've taught your ami to make. Khair, I sat behind him and he said that he needed help getting married again and I corrected him forun hi, Bahi I'm not a peer baba I said. I don't pray and I don't help with finding rishtas. But nahin, he refused to listen. He said that he had been engaged once. Back in 1995, to his cousin and that cousin committed suicide. Then, his date was almost fixed and that woman – palwati was her name – fell in a well. After that he told me that he never went to a temple to get married. 'where do I step in, sahab?' I asked, irritated of course. He said that in order to get married he needed to leave his wife and I could help. 'hain? Bhai jaan pardon me but you just said that you aren't shaadi shuda?' he turned his head and sighed. 'jee, I am not. But she wedded herself to me one night and because of her I've never been able to marry a real life jeegti jaagti aurat'. And that is when, Ayesha I realized that the man, had been married to a jinnni for the past 19 years. #abusjinns #horrorstories #pakistaniwriter #wordporn #spooky #fiction #reality #goosebumps

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We were advised not to read them alone and most definitely not at night!

See for yourself…


The stories are original and the pictures are also taken by Ayesha herself.

Source: Abusjinns / Instagram


It can’t get any creepier, tbh…

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When she is not writing about ghosts, ghouls and, witches, Ayesha is pretty normal otherwise lol

Source:  Ayesha Muzaffar

We still can’t get over the creepy horror stories that she’s writing. As much as we are scared, we also love them! Are you a fan of horror stories? Tell us what you think of these jinn stories in the comments below!


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