You Need To Binge Watch “Dil Nawaz” This Weekend If You Love Scary Movies

By Iman Zia | 27 Oct, 2017

‘Dil Nawaz’ might, at first glance seems a poor attempt at Pakistani writers trying to project something they know very little about, what with overtly staged sets (low-lit candles, gushing winds and breezy curtains) and the stereotypical rocking chairs and ghastly dolls that come to life. However, it’s all part and parcel of a very well-written plot, with great acting, sublime direction and a constant shiver trembling your spine (the music is honestly terrifying). The drama stars Neelum Munir, Minal Khan, and Wahaj Ali.


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Dil Nawaz is the breathtaking  jinn, who will do just about anything and everything to claim the one she loves

Dil Nawaz has fallen for Fawad, a boy who recently moved into the very home she is trapped in. She pines for Fawad, often staring at him as he sleeps and having monologues with him (he cannot see her), and leaving behind trails to give him reason to believe there lies a supernatural being within his presence.

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The drama has unrequited love too and isn’t all horror

What you have before you is a love triangle with an otherworldly twist; Dil Nawaz cannot be seen by Fawad, and in turn, Kiran grows tired of Fawad’s growing speculation that he’s being haunted. Kiran is the more practical one, someone who won’t dwell on such frivolous thoughts that there really is an entirely separate, more mysterious entity lurking about.

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The music thus far has been fantastic; eery, paranormal and hairraising

Forget ‘Paranormal Activity,’ forget all those awfully cheesy Bollywood films that fail to do justice to the horror genre. ‘Dil Nawaz’ has everything going for it and special mention must go towards the music that has displayed marvellous variety.

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The direction is phenomenal, with conversations between Dil Nawaz and mentor Hazrat Bibi completely and entirely blurred to emphasize such an eerie interaction

Kudos to such phenomenal acting and really attentive direction. ‘Dil Nawaz’ where every actor and actress has really dipped their toes tremendously into their characters.

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Dil Nawaz is kind, and longs for Fawad but does not want to interfere with his love for another woman

Hazrat Bibi tries to swerve Dil Nawaz into a dizzying downfall by demanding she inflicts magic on Fawad. It’s heartbreaking really, watching Dil Nawaz succumb to such a command – you can really tell she doesn’t want to do it, but she has no choice.

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The best scene thus far? Episode 4’s terrific scene when Fawad walks up the stairs of his seemingly empty home to find a crowd of black hooded men and women coalescing around his own casket

Fawad is alone at home one night, and after stones falling down the stairs, he is ushered upstairs and walks into a lounge with his own body in the center – unarguably the greatest scene thus far and most emphatic.

Source: A Plus Entertainment


Binge watch the drama this Haloween. You’ll be in for a spooky treat!

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