Bilquis Edhi Just Threatened To Shut Down Edhi Ambulance Service And Pakistanis Are Standing Behind Her

By Alveena Jadoon | 27 Oct, 2017

Abdul Sattar Edhi was an icon for Pakistanis and his death has definitely left a big void in the hearts of many. Unfortunately the treatment that his family is receiving after his death is a sad depiction of how fickle our society is.


The wife and son of late Abdul Sattar sahab, Bilquis and Faisal Edhi, addressed a press conference on Wednesday where they urged the government to help them out because they said land mafias are illegally taking over the land of the Edhi Foundation.


According to them, this is happening in several towns of Sindh and other cities of Pakistan. A recent land grabbing activity has happened in one of the oldest Edhi Centres in Pakistan, in Thatta. The Centre in Thatta was established in 1985 and has been taken over by the mafia.

The Edhi Foundation, Bilquis and Faisal alleged, are being forced to vacate the properties that they legally occupied. And it is not just limited to land grabbing, the illegal mafias are also threatening the workers of attack.


Bilquis Edhi pleaded to the Sindh and Balochistan governments to be vigilant in the matter before the efforts of late Abdul Sattar Edhi go to waste.

The Land-grabbing mafia have full patronage of some political parties to carry on these illegal activities and they said that the mafia is opening shops on their land or using it for other commercial activity.



She even went ahead to threaten to shut down the ambulance service if no action is taken to fix the situation


People on the internet are upset that the legacy of Edhi is being ruined and the government is taking no ownership over helping out an icon


Some called out the provincial governments for taking no notice of the activity


And others questioned the role of media in the matter


People are also standing up for the family to honor their innumerable contributions to Pakistan, earlier


Faisal Edhi has also responded, thanking the people who’re standing up for the family


It is sad to witness the cause of Abdul Sattar Edhi, the greatest social worker of Pakistan, dying out like this. A person who was granted a state funeral – his foundation should be protected and kept alive. The land mafia cannot win in this situation. Provincial governments need to be proactive and create accountability.


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