This Is The Best Gift To Mr. Jinnah On His Birthday, Ever

This Is The Best Gift To Mr. Jinnah On His Birthday, Ever

Sure, we all love our country. We have different ways of showing our affection toward our motherland. And these two gentlemen decided to do something big. And by big, we mean really big.


They just made the biggest portrait of Quaid e Azam ever made, in Pakistan, on one of the walls of the Jinnah hospital, and just in time for his birthday!


Mudassir Kazmi and Umer Bashir painted this mural in just 5 nights.

It is a pure work of art and it is genuinely one of the finest portraits that we have seen of the incredible man who gave us the country we live in.

Mudassir also painted a mural of Ibn E Sina on a wall of the AIMC, Lahore and it’s splendid!



And the best part? This is part of a Street Art Competition taking place in the country.

The competition has artists from all over the country, and even some out of it, have participated and the results are incredible.


The competition officially kick-started with the German Artist Hendrick Beikirch painting the face of an old man on a battered wall in Doctor’s Colony, Lahore.


Hundreds of people have participated in the event, putting in endless hours of work, and they have literally taken Lahore by a storm of color

These super talented artists have been painting their murals in locations like Doctor’s Colony and different hospitals.


Andrey Palval, a Ukrainian Street Artist also displayed his work in Doctors’ Colony, Lahore

And it’s absolutely breathtaking.


And of course, why should boys have all the fun?

There is an insane number of girls displaying their talent, at the competition, as well!


The capital city is also being filled with colors, at the same time

Here’s hoping the new year is just as colourful and bright as these murals.

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