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This Heartwarming Tribute By Junaid Jamshed’s Son To His Father Is Breaking The Internet Today

This Heartwarming Tribute By Junaid Jamshed’s Son To His Father Is Breaking The Internet Today

Junaid Jamshed, the late singer turned preacher, passed away in a tragic plane crash earlier this month, along with 46 other passengers. Since then, people all around Pakistan and the world for that matter have taken to a colossal number of social media platforms to offer heartwarming tributes to the victims.

Some people remembered Junaid Jamshed as the ultimate singing icon of the 90’s



While others remembered him as a mentor who touched so many aspects of their lives.

Junaid Jamshed Incident


For Taimur, his “dad was just his dad.” 


Last night, Junaid Jamshed’s eldest son Taimur Junaid posted a heartwarming tribute to his father, on Facebook and it was an amalgamation of humble family moments and the quintessential ‘Pakistani dad’ memories.

“For the past 10 days I’ve been thinking and saying the same thing to almost everyone I’ve met. To me my dad was just my dad. Every time he came home we all got excited and would run from our rooms to meet him. At the end of the day we would get on with our thing. Because he was just our baba and we knew he wasn’t going anywhere. Milna hoga, baat karni hogi he’s there, just like a dad would be for his kids,” wrote Taimur Junaid.


He also narrated a blithe memory of the time when Junaid Jamshed was asked to bring the drying clothes inside by his wife. 

Source: pak101

“One time I remember we were in London and it started raining. Our clothes were drying in our backyard so mom told dad to bring them inside before they got wet. In the process he said, “Koi agar dekh lay Junaid Jamshed ki family unsay Kya kaam Kara rahi hai”. We all cracked up. Now that he’s gone, I realized he wasn’t just our dad. He was much much more than that. He was no ordinary person like we thought he was. He touched millions of people’s lives.

“People from around the world came for his janaza and explained he would keep in touch with everyone. He would call them, msg them, be concerned for them. If u notice for the past year he would always be on his phone in his pictures and like me, I feel everyone wondered why he was on his phone all the time. It was because he was always busy reminding everyone he knew that he was thinking of them and praying for them .

The way people broke out when his janaza was brought to the AKD ground for prayers and rushed towards him to give his janaza a shoulder, showed me that this man wasn’t just my baba, he was family and someone special to just about everyone.”

Taimur says he felt that his father knew his time was almost up for he used to pray for Shahadat.

“I feel he knew his time was up, he even said to one of his friend when asked, “don’t your children complain that u’re always traveling?” He replied saying, “Meray pass kaam bahot zyada hai aur waqt bahot kum hai”. I recently found out that he had been praying for shahadat. One of his companions told me, during one of his bayans in Chitral he stopped in the middle and told everyone to say AMEEN to his dua which was, Aye Allah mujhe apni rah mein shahadat naseeb farma. May Allah accept his sacrifices and grant him this honor.”


Taimur’s post is filled with a colossal number of good wishes and prayers and has been shared more than 2000 times.

This immense outpouring of love is a living testimony to the fact that Junaid Jamshed indeed touched a number of lives, during his lifetime. 

Here’s the post by Taimur:



Rest in peace, Junaid Jamshed. You are missed, indeed.


Cover Image Via: Taimur Junaid

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