Mooroo Is Speaking Out After Being Accused Of Marrying His Wife Only To Break Stereotypes

By Biya Haq | 30 Jan, 2019

Is this a joke.

Taimoor Salahuddin, Aka, Mooroo, literally had the sweetest wedding ever.

Like, MashAllah.

Marrying his beautiful wife Eruj Hadi, the two looked adorable as they celebrated their love with friends and family. Then came the Internet.

After being tagged multiple times in a post on social media, Mooroo is speaking out on the fact that people have been saying that he married his wife to take down stereotypes.

The post, though seemingly flattering, was insinuating that Mooroo married his wife in spite of her duskier skin complexion to make a statement against the norms of the traditionally ‘Gori dulhan.’

He break the stereotype of " Gori dulhan".He fight for her and listening lots of bad compliment about her but still he…

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Mooroo went to his Instagram Stories to make sure there was no question mark in the matter. First off, he immediately straightened out the fact that the only reason the two of them got married was that they fell in love and they both mutually decided that they would come together in marriage, not in the name of a cause or stereotype.

Source: Mooroosicity Via Instagram

Secondly, he made it clear that he did not just decide to marry her but the fact that it was a joint decision made between the two of them to get married.

In regards to the ‘dark complexion,’ remarks, Mooroo said that this kind of topic had never come up between the two of them before and that it was not something that made its way into their relationship at all.

Source: Mooroosicity Via Instagram

He did say that the way people were acting, was more of an interesting way for him to hear it, almost as if it was a case study on people, on how certain individuals think in certain ways.

And one of the sweetest things, probably anyone could say ever about their significant other was that in every single way possible, including talent, looks, and artistic ability, if there was a competition she would hands down win every time in every way.

Source: NBC

He ended the story by saying that he knows he is a very lucky guy and that he has been able to find a woman like his wife at this point in his own life and he is very grateful for the fact. And because the original post had been getting a decent amount of traction online, he thought it best to put out his side of the story before his fans and other followers began to believe that he married his beautiful wife to make a statement.

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Cover photo source: Cutacut/Mooroosicity Via Instagram

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