Important Lessons On Moving On From A Breakup, Brought To You By Katrina Kaif

By Arslan Athar | 30 Jan, 2019

While they were dating, Ranbir and Katrina were Bollywood’s hottest couple. The paparazzi couldn’t get enough of them nor could the tabloids. Everyone was invested in their relationship. The fact that they lasted as long as they had, had given many people hope that the couple would end up marrying.


Katrina was in a supposedly loving relationship until it all ended when the couple split ways after 6 years.


The reasons for their breakup is unknown to everyone except the two. It wouldn’t be right to call it messy, or to put words in to describe how it all went down since those details were never fully given to anyone- but what can be said, without a doubt, is that the split had its impact on the actors. A 6-year long relationship is no joke.


Fast forward to earlier this week- Katrina and Ranbir both attended a Mumbai Police event called ‘Umang 2019′. 

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Of course, Ranbir was there with his now girlfriend, Alia Bhatt. The couple posed for a lot of photos together and even took the stage. This sparked a conversation between a colleague and I. According to her, it must have taken a lot for Katrina to go to the event and see her ex so much happier than her. I had a different way of seeing this.


Whether you like Katrina or not, you have to admit, she handled her breakup very well and is probably better because of it. 

For a very long time now, society has valued a woman on her relationship status. This was, and to an extent still is, also true in the entertainment world. Actresses would be expected to get married after a certain level of success. In modern times, this extended to dating lives, making an actress’ dating life an important part of any discussion about her. In either case, if a relationship ended, the actress would be expected to take the emotional hit but also find a new relationship while still recovering from the last one.


These last few years have seen an emergence of voices that speak out against this norm- this norm that a woman is defined by her relationships. This can be seen with very successful Bollywood actresses getting married and not having that end their careers. It can also be seen in how Katrina Kaif, in particular, lived her life post-Ranbir.


After her break up, it seemed as though she took some time for herself. 

She wouldn’t talk about Ranbir and their relationship in public. She focused on her work and on herself too. Of course, this wasn’t an easy process, especially considering that the pair had to promote their movie ‘Jagga Jasoos’ together.

Through it all, she spent more time on herself and bettering herself, both inside and out.


Her Instagram was flooded with videos and pictures of her at the gym or at rehearsals. Clearly, she was channeling her energy towards her work, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

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Last year, Katrina was asked in an interview about her dating life and her response was perfect. 

“I’ll tell you the one relation I have with a certain type of clothes which is very emotional and that is tracksuits. Sweatpants, track pants which has nowadays come back into fashion but honestly we should get this out there to all track and sweat brands that they, as a standard procedure, should give me their whole collection in a gift packet and send it to my house because I am a genuine appreciator of sweat/track pants. That’s a dil se connection with athleisure wear and soft fabric cotton kurtas!”



In her interview on ‘Koffee with Karan’, Katrina made it clear that she was over her past relationship. 

Also, what’s crucial to learn from her is the ability to get over a break-up and not rush into a new one. Katrina has learned the value of a relationship and also what it means to share your life with someone else; if you’re ready to do that wholeheartedly, then, what’s the point? That’s never going to be a complete relationship.

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This interview helped understand what’s actually going on inside Katrina’s head, considering how private she is. In the episode, she talks about marriage and how she’s not seeking that out as an option right now. She talked about how she’s happy where she is in her life- the actress has learned a big lesson in self-love and that’s something we hardly see in our entertainment industry. When Karan Johar asked her about marriage, it was actually Varun Dhawan who stepped in and supported her choice.

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The world is definitely changing in the way it sees women. Self-worth cannot be defined by another person, rather it must be defined by you, yourself. Katrina Kaif made that realization somewhere along the line and has truly embodied this in her personal and professional life.

Katrina has truly achieved a lot in the Indian entertainment world. She has created a brand for herself and works really hard to maintain it and make it better. Katrina stands on her own, and she stands proudly. She truly needs no man, and we love her for it.

More power to you, Katrina! The fierceness with which you live your life is inspiring 🙂


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