People Are Shocked After Punjab Chief Minister Said He Needs Training To Shake Hands

By Rameeza Ahmad | 30 Jan, 2019

Oops, he did it again…

Punjab’s new Chief Minister, in all honesty, isn’t exactly very new anymore. He has had a few teething problems from the very beginning of his term. After he was selected for the position of Chief Minister, people immediately doubted his capability for the job.


As soon as he was confirmed, rumors and controversies around Chief Minister Punjab, Usman Buzdar, have plagued his tenure

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there were very grave  rumors like those about him having committed murders and getting away with them in the distant pas, to jokes about his competence. It turned out that was another Usman Buzdar altogether but anyway, more ‘scandals’ followed. A lot of people found the Chief Minister inept and incapable of presenting himself in public.

In a now famous press conference, Usman Buzdar was caught being instructed on every word he spoke and people, of course, noticed. However, Prime Minister Imran Khan maintained that Usman Buzdar was the perfect man for the job and only needed to learn a little bit more before people saw how he was truly the man for the job. He even compared Buzdar to Wasim Akram.

A lot of people are still skeptical about this claim and tend to jump on any little mistake they might see the Chief Minister making.


In the latest blunder, Usman Buzdar was attending a ceremony where he was the chief guest and gave a police officer a token of appreciation

After the officer accepted the award, he extended his hand to shake hands with the Chief Minister, however, Buzdar sahab had turned away before he shook his hand and the officer follows him for a few seconds trying to recover and get the Chief Minister to notice and shake his hand. The entire scene is very awkward to watch.


And people were annoyed with the Chief Minister and his cluelessness.


But others pointed out that it was an honest mistake. And a full clip revealed that he did shake the man’s hand when he noticed he was extending it. It’s clear that it was not on purpose.


The press later questioned him about why he did not say salam to the IG sahab to which Usman Buzdar replied that he isn’t ‘trained’ yet and is learning on the job.

And yet again, people talked about how shaking hands should be something which should not have to be taught. He should have had an idea.

What do you think? Should Chief Minister Usman Buzdar be given the benefit of the doubt?


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