Chief Minister Usman Buzdar's Protocol Just Cost A Two Year Old Girl Her Life In South Punjab

By Biya Haq | 28 Aug, 2018

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Usman Buzdar, recently elected Chief Minister of Punjab, has unfortunately begun his tenure in Pakistan in a negative light.

While visiting wards of a hospital in Mian Channu today, Buzdar’s protocol was responsible for costing a little girl her life.

Source: GetPakistan.Tv

While he was at the Tehsil Headquarters Hospital, Buzdar’s protocol shut down and closed off the entrance to the Emergency Room because of which Komal, a two-year-old little girl lost her life.

It was reported that the mother of the little girl stood in front of the hospital, crying for someone to come and take a look at her baby. Unfortunately, no one listened.

This is not the first time our CM has found himself at the end of bad publicity. In the most recent mess, Buzdar was also in the middle a police case involving Khawar Maneka, Bushra Menka’s first husband.

Source: MangoBaaz

And now with this protocol incident, Buzdar is not putting himself in a favourable light in the eyes of Pakistanis.

The news of the killing has since broken all over the country and Usman Buzdar is being heavily criticised for his actions.

Suffice to say that this is not the Naya Pakistan people were waiting for and many people are also calling out Imran Khan for choosing someone like Buzdar.

After Imran Khan’s inauguration speech specifically highlighted the abolishment of protocol, this will likely be the first test to see if Imran can be held accountable for his claims in office.

No official statement has been released as yet as Pakistanis are waiting for an answer.

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Cover photo source: Dunya News/@PublicNews_Com Via Twitter

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