Mooroo Is Defending Fellow YouTuber Eva Zu Beck After People Threw Shade At Her New Project

By Sannia Bilal | 18 Dec, 2018

So Eva Zu Beck, the infamous ‘Kiki girl’ who got famous for her Pakistani flag videotraveler and YouTuber Vlogger, has been famous for going around Pakistan and discovering the beauty it holds for quite some time now. She has now been sponsored by a telephone service provider, Jazz, for their upcoming travel show called ‘Eva Travels Pakistan’.


Eva Zu Beck recently launched her new show yesterday


But there were quite a few people who took issue with Eva, a foreigner, showcasing Pakistan and traveling around the country where Pakistani women are unable to do so as freely


And fans of the YouTuber came to her defence


People also said that we have good vloggers who’re native Pakistanis who deserved to be a part of this project rather than Eva


And Mooroo seemed to notice that comment

He responded by saying he isn’t going to be a part of a ‘hate parade’ on Eva. Very Taylor Swift ‘remove from the narrative’ if you ask me, lol.


To which the commenter said she’s not hating anyone but just stating a fact that everyone else should get a chance as well


But Mooroo wasn’t coming slow

He said that they’ve all had sponsors, Eva isn’t the only one working in the field. He said he’s proud of his peers and then ended his tweet with the comment that it’s easy to blame others for your own shortcomings, while it’s harder to work and achieve something.


But the commenter wasn’t going to give up so easily

She continued to say that she wasn’t really hating on Eva. Just that it wouldn’t hurt to have our locals represent us.

Khair, Apparently, Mooroo bhai was done, according to our last update.

So the hatred, or rather criticism of foreigners like Eva and Cynthia Ritchie is understandable because people are calling out the fact that while these foreigners will get protection and security when they travel the country, therefore they will see an image that is “created” for them and not one that actually exists for everyday women, or general population, of Pakistan. It definitely makes sense when people call out such incomplete view of our actual situation but at the same time, don’t we all just say that this world is a big place and you can’t hide anything because of social media? So, if these people show one aspect of Pakistan, maybe we can have civilized discussions to show a bigger picture that also shows the hardship that a lot of our country’s population live in.

What do you think about this whole controversy? Let us now in the comments.


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