Irfan Junejo Is Naming And Shaming Every TV Channel That's Stolen His Videos And He's Not Coming Slow

By Sarmad Amer | 21 Oct, 2018

Scnz kuch aise hain, Irfan Junejo has, in a short span of time, become one of Pakistan’s most beloved YouTubers. His vlogs have a huge fan following and people just can’t seem to get enough of him.


Irfan’s unique videos and vlogs have made a special place in fans’ hearts

Source: @alichaudhryfilms / Instagram


His work clearly shows the hard work that he puts in to create his content and this is why he’s rather pissed off at TV channels for stealing his work without giving him any credit


He’s naming and shaming all of them




Earlier, the Government of Pakistan had been caught stealing footage from Irfan’s vlogs

He had complained on Twitter, in a similar manner, leading to a lot of hue and cry about the matter. YouTube terminated Government of Pakistan’s account on its platform after Junejo’s complaint, leading to them giving out a statement about adding credit for using Junejo’s videos.

Via: YouTube

Talk about embarrassment.


Interestingly, Irfan isn’t even the only one– or the first – young artist to complain about his work being stolen without any credit

YouTuber Haider Ali had previously accused Hum Network Limited for stealing his video for Hum Awards. Multiple artists have accused Pakistani designer clothing brands for stealing their work to use as prints on their collections. Even, Muniba Mazari has been accused of plagiarism by another artist.

While similarity in someone’s work is up for debate with regards to being direct theft or not, TV channels using footage that was actually shot by Irfan Junejo to use in their broadcasts without so much as a mention of credit on the footage sure does look suspicious activity on their part.

Maybe it’s time every Pakistani got a lesson in intellectual property rights.


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Cover image via: Khawar Malik / YouTube

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