This Is How Fake Scammers Are Taking Advantage Of Momina Mustehsan

By Sarmad Amer | 20 Sep, 2016

Momina Mustehsan has been Pakistani internet, and certainly MangoBaaz‘s instant obsession ever since she broke out on to the scene with her debut on Coke Studio. Where there were those who obsessed over it, naturally the haters followed, especially because the internet allows one to spew any kind of hateful filth over somebody’s hard work because while being anonymous. But the girl has been so dignified amidst all the brouhaha over her and has even tackled a few haters with much aplomb.


Some scammers on Facebook are trying to leech off of the success of Momina

I noticed yesterday afternoon when a bunch of my friends started sharing a post on Facebook from a profile that appeared to look pretty much like Momina Mustehsan’s. The post offered them a chance to enter a ‘lucky draw’ to win an iPhone 6.

Via: Facebook

Now, because the profile looked so much like Momina’s and did not have the usual English language problems that most Pakistani pages usually end up having, I was intrigued. Upon investigating the page clearly turned out to be a hoax. Because, a MangoBaaz eye can definitely spot a fake Momina Mustehsan profile from a mile away.


Soon Momina herself got wind of what’s going on in her name

And she posted a warning to all of her followers making them aware of the said fake profile.

Btw, THIS^^^ is the only real Momina Mustehsan profile.

However, once something gets popular on Facebook there are sure to be more copycats

That’s exactly what’s happened with this Momina Mustehsan phenomenon

And now a bunch of other profiles are scamming innocent people.

Via: Facebook


Via: Facebook


But remember, again, asal Momina aik hai.

Aur Mark bhai, yaar, usko verify kar do yaar.

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