11 Things That Make Momina Mustehsan Even More Lovable Than She Is

By Haadia Paracha | 20 Aug, 2016

Momina Mustehsan just sang her way into every Pakistani guy’s heart last night. You may or may not have been blown away by her vocal talents (she only had a small part, so can’t judge her too harshly, right?), she sure has made a mark on the Pakistani audience and we can only see her growing into an amazing singing talent.

Here’s something you sure as heck didn’t know about this beauty with a nightingale(in-training) in her throat:


1. Momina Mustehsan is an engineer and a mathematician by profession.

“Music is a passion for me and not a profession”, she is quoted as saying.

momina 3
Source: @mominamustehsan Via: Instagram

Currently enrolled in Industrial engineering, Momina previously holds a degree in biochemical engineering and applied mathematics.


2. She grew up casually singing in front of an audience.

momina 4
Source: @mominamustehsan Via: Instagram


3. Other than singing, she can play the violin, keyboard and a guitar.

And was also a part of a musical choir at her college in New York.

Source: @mominamustehsan Via: Instagram


4. Momina has been covering songs for quite a while now.

Posting various covers on her personal soundcloud channel and instagram account.



5. She has been featured on Nescafe Basement in 2014.

#Awari at #BBKings #TimesSquare #NewYorkCity #EkVillain

A video posted by Momina Mustehsan (@mominamustehsan) on

Pi Jaun was made by a dear friend, Saad Sultan, over a Skype session. I added a bridge melody and wrote some lines for the song. Farhan came on board later on.”


6. Momina Mustehsan has already made her Bollywood debut in “Ek Villian

Her song Awaari along with Soch The Band made airwaves and was incredibly well-received across the border.

Source: Momina Mustehsan Official Via: Facebook

“It was an extremely casual process and I never met anyone in person. I recorded the song on my own in New York.”



7. Momina secretly has a crush on Justin Bieber.

#Sorry #JustinBieber #PurposeTour

A video posted by Momina Mustehsan (@mominamustehsan) on

Sorry, Selena Gomez fans.


8. Many people think she has a striking resemblance to Nina Dobrev…

…Of the Vampire Diaries fame.

Source: Freshdesignpedia

We’re definitely seeing it. Are you?


9. Momina is a wanderluster and loves to travel.

Source: Momina Mustehsan Official Via: Facebook


Source: Momina Mustehsan Official Via: Facebook


10. She doesn’t like the idea of being a celebrity.

“I like taking somewhat of a backseat when it comes to professional music also because our society is such.”

Source: Fakhir Mehmood Via: Facebook



11. And for what it’s worth, Momina is a cat person.

Source: @mominamustehsan Via: Instagram


Which is all you needed to know, really.


Cover Image via: Momina Mustehsan

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