Momina Mustehsan Just Beautifully Dragged Kangana Ranaut For Blaming Pakistan Yet Again

By Noor | 14 Aug, 2020

Momina Mustehsan dragging Kangana Ranaut was an unexpectedly pleasant surprise

Kangana Ranaut and her controversial statements are nothing new. The actress is well known for her audacious opinions and her anti-Pakistan stance. So, while fighting a so-called justice war for late Sushant Singh Rajput, the actress didn’t forget to drag Pakistan, yet again, in order to substantiate her argument. Let us fill in you with the details of it.


So, upon the release of Alia Bhatt’s new movie’s trailer (which is a disaster in itself) Kangana Ranaut’s official Twitter passed an anti-Muslim comment by saying that Pakistanis should not be allowed to spread religious hate and prejudice in India

She started off her argument by urging Mahesh Bhatt to replace the word guru with maulvi in the trailer of his upcoming movie. She also said that the Kailash scandal should have been replaced by the Mecca scandal.

See how irrelevant her dragging of Pakistan was here. Of course, that didn’t stop her from using her extreme intellect to realize it was highly unnecessary.


Noticing all this unnecessary vitriol Momina Mustehsan rightfully slammed back at Kangana Ranaut by advising her not to bring Pakistan into the argument to validate her point

Momina said, bringing Pakistan into the debate might push Kangana away from her motive to get justice for Sushant Singh Rajput. She suggested the actress to put her own house in order by fighting nepotism and by observing the effects of the internal state politics. She also mentioned that Kangana should also focus on the ways to curb religious hatred and prejudice in India. She concluded her statement by saying that regional hatred should not be propagated in any case.


People appreciated Momina for her rational approach and went on to say that regional peace should not be kept at stake 


A few also mentioned that Kangana is just trying to stay relevant in the current scenario and does not really care about the Sushant Singh Rajput case


A majority of people advocated for peace and stability in the South Asian region instead of dragging each other’s country the way Kangana did


They even mentioned how the vision of so many following a certain ideology is merely confined to religious hatred


Actor Muneeb Butt also jumped into the debate by highlighting the Indian obsession with Pakistan

Nationalistic celebrities need to re-evaluate their stances and should promote regional peace to ensure that the majority of locals on both sides of border do not end up suffering because of the fire ignited by the hateful speeches of those in power looking for personal and political gains.

What are your thoughts on the issue? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover image via: @mominamustehsan via Instagram/@team_kangana_ranaut via Instagram

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