13 Genuine Ways To Actually Making Your Dreams Come True

By Sarmad Amer | 14 Aug, 2020

Do you want to make your dreams come true?

Dreams are what carry us through this big bad world. Dreams are what keeps hope alive, and through that our strength to carry on, in the face of extreme adversity that life throws our way. If one stops dreaming, literally and figuratively, your life ends, literally and figuratively.

We all want our dreams to come true but what exactly is the secret sauce to making that happen? Well, the interesting thing is there’s no secret sauce. But there are some things we can all agree on that help make one’s circumstances… umm, conducive, to dream fulfillment.

So, in these especially challenging times here are some ways to make your dreams come true because they’re what keeping us going on, after all.


1. Choosing your happiness

Whether this happiness is making others around you happy, giving away every last penny of yours and living a life of simplicity or being selfish, that depends on what personally makes you happy but the principle is the same – choose the path that makes you happy.

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2. Not giving a fuck about what others think or say

This is simple enough.

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3. Setting realistic goals that you want for your personal satisfaction

And not what you think you should want to have as life goals, because those around you think that they’re good goals.

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4. Being persistent toward your goals

When you’ve set goals for yourself, you have to also work toward achieving them. But also know that life’s only race is with time. You don’t need to be running faster than your friends or foes. You only need to be running toward your goals at the pace that you are not overwhelmed by.

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5. Knowing that the path to success and making your dreams come true is not a typical “straight line”

Life can be two steps forward and four steps backwards. That is okay. Feeling dejected is okay. No human being can feel happy all the damn time. You should let all types of feelings come your way and, for a lack of a better word, enjoy the experience of feeling all those feelings. Just keep perspective that time heals everything and nothing ever remains forever. Be it money, fame, happiness or misery, nothing remains forever.

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6. Being flexible with your goals and changing them if your life’s priorities have changed

If you feel like a few years, months or even weeks down the line your priorities have changed, fuck it! Change your goals. Just remember to have some goals. They can be as simple as wearing pants in the morning when you get out of bed.

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7. Giving yourself a break

Like I said, the only race in life is with time. While time can be a cruel foe, you need to learn that it’s important that you don’t burn yourself out in your race against time. There’s a famous proverb that flames that burn the brightest also fizzle out the quickest. Think about it!

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8. Not taking everything too seriously

Yes, life’s a race. Time is a bitch. Blah dee blah, blah. Sometimes you also need to know you’re not different than anyone else. Whether you’re Jeff Bezos or paros wala Kashif, everyone’s going to die. So, learn to have fun while you still have time.

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9. Instituting discipline in your life and routine

Discipline doesn’t mean living a military lifestyle. Do what works for you. Make your routine for your own lifestyle, have your own set of rules and guiding principles based on values that make you happy but stick with them. An aimless life that has literally no morals, values, guiding principles or is based on someone else’s rules is not a life of fulfillment and won’t help in making your dreams come true.

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10. Understanding that communication is key to making dreams come true

Whether that means you have a support system that you lean on, a spiritual connection that keeps you grounded or just communicating with your own self. Communication is key to fulfilling and making your dreams come true.

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11. Knowing that not every single aspect of your life can be controlled

Putting yourself in a routine, setting goals and being disciplined is all good but life throws curveballs no one expects, ahemcoronavirusahem, so understand that while you may prefer controlling everything around you to achieve the outcome that you think will lead you to making your dreams come true, there may be times when that is beyond your control. So do your best, leave the rest to nature, god, God, bhagwan, Allah or whoever/whatever you believe in.

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12. Making other people’s dreams come true can actually be a very good way to make yours come true, too

If you’re someone who has the privilege of wealth, time or anything material, giving a tiny fraction of it back can actually help you in feeling fulfilled. And we all know, the feeling of fulfillment is just a hop and a skip away from dream fulfillment.

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Some organizations, like “Make-A-Wish Foundation”, for example, live and breath the concept. They help terminally sick children by making their dreams come true. Yes, even sick people have dreams, they’re people, after all.


13. Getting featured in a MangoBaaz article

Love it or hate it, deep down you all know a little publicity bump goes a long way. We know all of you who DM us secretly, despite the appearances you may put on publicly. Huehuehuehue.

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Here’s to dreams and making them come true.


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