Asim Azhar Just Made This Fan's Dream Come True By Paying For His Grandmother's Cancer Treatment

By Rameeza Ahmad | 13 Aug, 2020

Asim Azhar helping out a fan in need shows the dude truly has a heart of gold

Osama Ahmed, a young resident from Karachi tweeted out a plea for help; he was crowd sourcing funds for his grandmother’s cancer treatment. He asked people to contact him for any kind of information regarding the circumstances. The tweet got several retweets and soon, Osama was contacted by Asim Azhar.


Asim Azhar helped out this fan in Karachi by paying for the fan’s grandmother’s cancer treatment

Osama said he was always a fan of the singer but after this incident his respect for the performer has multiplied several times over!

Asim Azhar saw Osama’s tweet and sent him his number in his DM, promising to help. While talking to MangoBaaz, Osama shared that he talked to Asim on the phone, and Asim asked him a few questions to confirm his need for his grandmother’s treatment and the rest was history!

Asim kept his promise and helped Osama and his family out.


Osama was incredibly thankful about the whole thing and deleted his tweet with the appeal for the crowd funding.

As for his family, Osama said that they were middle class folks and his maternal grandmother’s sickness came as a surprise to all of them and they were completely unprepared for such an expense which is why he was led to seek help from the internet.

Osama said that his relationship with his grandmother was strained and they had not met for while. However, his mother and aunt decided to pay her a visit only to find that her health was deteriorating quite fast. They immediately took her to a hospital and her diagnosis was scary; throat cancer.

The family immediately got her admitted to a hospital and her treatment had begun. However, they didn’t know where they would get the money to pay their bills. But Osama had a solution. He said earlier when his mother had been diagnosed and was undergoing treatment for breast cancer, he had crowd funded some of her expenses successfully and decided to try his luck again.

This time, thankfully, Asim Azhar saw his tweet and immediately took care of the entire thing without Osama having to worry for too long!

Osama said he would continue to update everyone, including Asim Azhar, of course, about his grandmother’s condition.


Honestly, while Asim Azhar probably did this out of the goodness of his heart for a fan in need, Osama thanked the singer publicly


And all Asim had was duas for Osama’s grandmother


The entire Pakistani Twitterverse was deeply touched at having seen this wholesome AF interaction play out on social media


And keeping his promise, Osama has been diligently updating everyone about his grandmother’s treatment plan

It’s heartwarming moments like these that remind us that there is still good on the internet! What do you think about this story? Let us know in the comments below.


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