Kangana Ranaut Just Called Pakistan “Insignificant” Because She Hasn't Bitched Enough About The Country, Apparently

By Astarte | 6 Mar, 2019

Kangana Ranaut seems to have a special place in her heart for Pakistan. The lady just will not stop talking about the country. Especially since the Pulwama attack and her rather disgusting remarks about wanting to destroy Pakistan, she has become a fixture in the hate Pakistan brigade across the border.


Kangana Ranaut’s hatred for Pakistan just seems to be a never ending venomous vomit

The actress had earlier wanted to destroy the country, then wished to go to the border and fight with the Indian forces against Pakistan. Like, dude, what’s your problem?

Source: Zee Studios


After she had recently announced that she’s giving a birthday gift to herself of 10 days of silence, many of her former Pakistani fans were glad

source: Colour Yellow Productions

People believed that she may finally stop with all the disgustingness she’s been spitting recently but guess we were all wrong.


While talking to the Indian press recently, Kangana said that Pakistan is “insignificant territory”

Okay, so yes, there is context to it and she didn’t just pull it out of her ass. She was asked why despite speaking so ferociously against Pakistan she is still letting her movie be screened here. To this she responded, “when a film is distributed, they have the digital copy. (But) You can stop future releases. To get it back from them, we will have to send the army, which we had sent by air. But they didn’t get my DCP back,” she said referencing the fake Indian air strike where they claimed to have killed more than 300 terrorists in Pakistan on February 26.

Source: indianexpress.com

She also said she would make sure all her future films are not released in Pakistan adding “It’s not that it (Pakistan) is a very big territory. It’s almost insignificant”.

Upon further questioning regarding her Manikarnika movie’s release in Pakistan having happened she said it was not her job to stop the release once it has happened.

“The distribution and the trade was going like that… Obviously, I am not the minister in-charge of the trade of how things are happening in the country. But if you ask me, the sentiment of the country is very important, of the jawan families.

“Is it (not releasing Indian films in Pakistan) significant statement? No. These are just small steps. But if that’s all we can do, we should.”


Obviously people can’t seem to wrap their heads around what specifically irks Kangana so much about Pakistan


Is it that some Pakistani crossed her and she is taking it out by misdirecting her anger at the whole country or is she just a very hateful person? Could it also be that she just loves attention so much that she just spits filth whenever she can get attention from it? Only Kangana knows what goes on in that weird mind of hers.


Cover image via: msn.com

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