Liverpool Fans Are Giving Death Threats To Loris Karius For Letting His Team Down At The Champions League Final

By Sarmad Amer | 27 May, 2018

Loris Karius, the 24 year old German footballer, who plays for Liverpool as their goalkeeper is possibly the most hated man by Liverpool fans right now. His lack of focus, direction and ability to support his team properly that is being blamed by fans for letting his team down. Of course, his team mate Mo Salah’s injury at the hands of Sergio Ramos just added more to the whole situation.


Loris Karius committed some big blunders during the Champions League Final against Real Madrid

During the final in Kiev, the goalkeeper sent a ball straight toward Karim Benzema and then Gareth Bale’s long-range strike slipped through Karius’s hands putting Real well ahead of Liverpool in the crackling final.


Karius realized his mistakes as the match ended and immediately apologized to Liverpool fans for letting them, and his team, down


But the damage had been done


Liverpool fans had already started ruthlessly trolling him


Some fans have gone way too extreme, even cursing his family and children


Even his team mates appeared to have left him alone int that moment


People are feeling sorry for the guy because all champions have bad days and maybe this was just one of those for the German goalkeeper


Some people are actually blaming Ramos for hitting Karius in the head and making him disoriented this leading to his inability to defend the goal post properly


Every player has a bad day, and it looks like Karius had his during the Champions League final in Kiev. What do you think about his performance?


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