The Government Announced That Pakistan Is Now Load Shedding Free But Nobody Believes Them

By Alveena Jadoon | 4 Dec, 2017

Pakistan’s energy crisis is no secret. The constant load shedding, especially during the Summers makes lives extremely difficult. With the rise in temperatures due to climate change, temperatures in Pakistan are rising each year. With no light, it is next to impossible to easily carry out the tasks of the day. However, all of that is allegedly changing.


The government has announced that by midnight tonight, Pakistan will be load shedding free

There is an addition of 8694 MW of energy to the grid, which will fulfil the energy demands of the country and rid us of the troubles of load shedding.

If we look at the developments in the energy sector since 2013, the breakdown looks something like this:

Source: @umarsaif /  Twitter

In April this year, the former Prime Minister pledged to eradicate the energy crisis in the country and also promised to take action against those creating hindrances in the process.


Awais Leghari, Federal Minister for Power, addressed a press conference to announce the good news


Umer Saif, a member of the Punjab cabinet urged people to look beyond political affiliations and appreciate the effort



Twitter users were quick to respond. And unfortunately, not many were ready to believe the end of load shedding


Many had strong retorts to the claims made by the two government officials

During the last four years, the one problem that EVERY Pakistani wanted resolved was the energy crisis


Some were also hoping that it would end in a matter of six months, as promised. However, the problem only got aggravated during this time. People have had to face 14 to 16 hours of load shedding each year. Figures were misquoted during the entire time to keep the public in the illusion that a solution was being worked upon. The shortage in this entire time exceeded 7200MW. The authorities kept on reducing the figure to 5400MW, not quoting the actual figure instead.

During the heat wave of April this year, the relevant authorities accepted the lack of action to deal with the energy crisis.

However the problem seems to have been resolved, with the new year just around the corner. Currently, there is zero load shedding for around 60 percent of the consumers according to the government. And the national grid now has surplus energy. Midnight tonight will ensure everyone has a sufficient amount of energy to consume.


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